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Tips for Girls To Plan Solo trip in India

Have you ever thought about going on a solo trip? The mere thought of a solo trip can be daunting. A solo trip teaches you to enjoy your own company and opens up a new experience for you. But if you are new, it is normal to have several doubts about it. So prepare well before you take the big leap.

Start with a familiar destination

A trip to Paris, Rome, Or Los Angeles can look appealing but they are not ideal for your first solo trip. You need to plan a trip to a destination that is already familiar to you. You can choose a place that you have already visited with your family or friends. Choose a place that you have heard a lot about and is nearby.

Decide on a budget

Your budget can go out of hand while planning your solo trip if you are not careful enough. You can use a diary or an excel sheet to maintain a budget sheet. When you reach your destination keep a considerable amount aside. Because you just don't want to spend all your money on just flight or train tickets. You can plan your expenses in advance and manage them accordingly. Travelling on a budget should not hold you back from enjoying your trip to its fullest.

Make a foolproof plan

A solo trip to a new city can easily lead to confusion. Also, you won't have family or friends to fall back on. This is why it is crucial to call out A blueprint as detailed as you can. Write everything down in a diary. So when your devices are drained out of power, your diary can be your saviour. From your hotel's address to emergency contact numbers note everything down.

Book tickets and accommodation in advance

You can book travel tickets in advance, it lets you have many options. As a first solo trip, comfort and security should be a priority. Booking your accommodation in advance reassures you that you have a place to stay. Because the last thing you want is to drag all your luggage to several hotels before finding one. It is always better to book a hostel as a solo traveller. Because it lets you connect with many other people.

Pack light but smart

You are the one in charge of all the luggage. You can Minimize your luggage to just one backpack and a fanny pack. Pack some essentials like toiletries, medication, power back, torch, etc. Carry extra memory cards and fully charged batteries if you are carrying your camera. Also, do not forget to charge all your devices the night before you leave and carry a portable charger.

Keep someone updated on your plan

On your first solo trip, inform your parents and friends of your whereabouts. You can keep texting your close friend and call your parents frequently. Have a conversation with someone at the reception and let them know your plans for the day. In case of emergency, all of these things let people know where to find you.

Make use of technology

Technology like Google maps and Google Translate can be of great help. You can download the map offline or keep the screenshots of the map in case of losing network connectivity. Keep checking Google maps, even if you have a private driver to drive you around. Because you should always be sure that you are on the right route.

Open up to other travellers and locals

Explore new places and meet new people on your solo trip. Interact with other travellers, listen to their travel stories, and don't be shy to share yours. So go and mingle with other travellers and locals. There is a whole new world to explore if you come out of your cocoon.

Trust your intuition

Always listen to your instincts. The aim of travelling solo is to step out of your comfort some. As you discover the world on your own terms remember to trust your gut feeling at all times. Your instincts will help keep you safe amid your adventures. When you need help, ask for it and get out of the situation as quickly as possible. You should always be alert, whether as a first-time or a seasoned solo traveller.


Do not forget to record all your experience in your journal while on your first solo trips. You can meet people, try out local cuisines, and explore to your heart's content. You should tread with caution but spread love along with your trip.

Before you take the big leap of travelling solo, you can consider travelling solo in a women-only travel group to test the waters. Book your trip with Wander Womaniya, we ensure the safety of the female travellers. You can experience the best of India & the rest of the world too through handcrafted itineraries specially designed for solo travellers like yourself. Going solo with a group of women travellers will prepare you for the unknown challenges that you come across when you travel all by yourselves.

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