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Want to tell your story?

Wander Womaniya allows Guest posting by Solo Female Travel Bloggers 

Please Note That The below Blogging Guidelines are for Travel Bloggers and Female Solo Travelers Only, not for business & brands. 

Wander Womaniya is a women's special tour & travels club, we organize safe & Secure ladies only travel groups within India and across the World. We are inviting travel bloggers to feature their fresh blogs on our popular page "Solo Travelling Girls Blog" where we share articles & information for women who wish to travel alone. It is a fantastic platform if you want to share your stories with thousands of women visitors a day interested to know your experiences.

What are we looking for?

Destination posts, written through a female or feminist perspective; containing practical destination-related advice for bad-ass Girls & Women. Posts must be based on in-depth knowledge of your destination gained from having lived there or traveled there extensively. Information must be honest, unbiased and realistic - no promotional gimmicks or advertisements. We want to help more & more girls to travel solo & explore the world themselves. 

Posts shall be a minimum of 600 words, can go up-to 2500 words

Posts shall be fresh and not copied as we don't publish something which you can find in 1000 other blogs on Internet. Lets keep the information relevant, useful and unique for girl travellers & readers. You took a solo girls trip pen down your challenges being a girl & how it changed you as a person. 

Some ideas for Blogs

  • Why is a destination ideal for a solo girls trip / or why is it not

  • How safe or unsafe a travel destination or place is for girl travelling solo

  • How to travel to a destination on a shoe-string budget (female safety not compromised)

  • Where to stay (luxury / budget)

  • How to travel using public transport, is it advisable (why / why not)

  • Any special woman-friendly venues or activities

  • Any interesting Cultural or Traditional practices

  • Must do / Under rated experiences from a solo girl's perspective

  • Anything that might be particular interest to women who are traveling solo for the first time

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