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A Unique Gifting Idea for Females

“Good girls go to heaven, Fierce girls go everywhere”

Happy Women’s Day to all the Womaniyas out here!

This women’s day we have got something special for you! Are you always wondering & caught in the loop of how to pamper yourself or what to gift to the amazing ladies in your life?

No worries, we’ve got your back! Presenting to you the Womaniya Gift Card

Travelling is one thing which lets you be free, explore the world, meet new people, connect with them but moreover connect with yourself & find what you love!

So just imagine how happy one would be to receive something which pushes them to go for solo/group travel! And wanna know the fun part? It’s eco-friendly unlike many decoration items which we end up spending so much on, Womaniya travel card is purposeful & not just a showpiece unlike flowers, yes they are beautiful, but what's the use? This gift card is hassle-free & would bring a big smile on the face of your beloved ladies & give them wings to fly!

Now the question arises, how to use it?

You just have to purchase it from the wanderwomaniya which in itself is very easy, value can range from 500-10,000 INR depending on your choice & you can get this for yourself, your mother, sister, friend, best friend, girlfriend or daughter. One can use this on any of our trips & it's valid for up to 2 years!

See so simple, ain't it?

So this Women's Day (but also throughout the year xD) why not gift the strong, fierce, adventurous & lovely ladies in your life something which is very hatke from all the oh so boring & common gifts!

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