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5 Safest Destinations for a Solo Trip in India

To travel solo is to go on a journey of self-exploration & actualization, and being a woman, it’s even more liberating as one steps out of the societal norms and leads life the way she wants to!

For the longest time, India has been known to be unsafe for women to travel alone but that’s not completely true! And as it’s said, “If there is a will, there is a way”- If you wish to explore the lands of India solo, YOU CAN. Just a little bit of research and you’re all set to grab your backpacks & rush right out of your homes.

& Guess what? Today on the occasion of National Tourism Day, We Wander Womaniya have already done the research bit for you ;)

So here are 5 astonishing places in India to venture out and explore for yourself to gain a remarkable experience for a lifetime!

1. Leh

Ladakh is a paradise in itself, so fasten your seatbelt & get ready to develop an unbreakable bond with this stupendous place.

Located in the heart of Himalaya, Ladakh has so much to offer from contrasting landscapes of white sand dunes and green valleys to high mountain passes and centuries-old Buddhist monasteries, Shanti Stupa to Khardung-La, lakes to river valleys- definitely a place to explore solo as a female and not to forget tons of picturesque spots for the gram ;)

What makes Leh a perfect solo female travel destination?

  • Many hostels & budget guesthouses, which do not compromise on safety, security & cleanliness like Zostel, Woosah Hostel & more.

  • Leh market is at a walkable distance from most accommodations.

  • The Leh airport is not very far from the main city.

  • Welcoming locals who will treat you like their own.

2. Srinagar

Unsafe, Terror attacks, Unstable and what not. Even our parents say Kashmir kyon jaana hai, kahin bhi jao bas Kashmir nai....but why? Is Kashmir really unsafe, or is it just a false narrative that we have been fed by political leaders for their own benefit? The real answer lies in Srinagar. Yes, there have been actual instances of terror attacks, militant activities, but they have happened in Delhi & Mumbai too.

Some points you shall consider before you rule out Srinagar as a solo travel destination:

  • Kashmir is a big state & Srinagar being the capital is heavily guarded & thus very safe.

  • Tourism is one of the biggest sources of income for the locals & whichever localhost you are in touch with will ensure your safety.

  • Kashmir has something different in each season, if you go there in summers, come winters and it will be a completely different scene altogether.

  • Cheap flights from Delhi

  • The airport is not very far from the main city

  • In Kashmiri culture, women are given the utmost respect. You will never see anybody misbehave with females.

3. Udaipur & Jodhpur

Rajasthan AKA ‘The land of Kings’ (let’s switch it up and name it ‘The land of Queens’ for we all know there’s no life if not for women). Udaipur & Jodhpur famously known as 'The city of lakes' & 'Blue city' respectively are the perfect option for solo trips if you are inclined towards culture, history, heritage, breathtaking sunsets and serene lakes.

Reasons why a solo trip to these beautiful cities of Rajasthan might change the way you look at the world-

  • The welcome and hospitality you’d get here, you won’t find anywhere else in the whole world, the very reason of their heart-warming tourism tag line- “पधारो म्हारे देश”|

  • Colour blue, which is often associated with feeling of sadness, but not here in Jodhpur! Instead, it's the colour of joy & life!

  • Even the ruins of Forts built years ago have a homely feeling to it, let's just say a different perspective to life altogether?

4. Gangtok

Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, is that one hill station in India which checks all the boxes off of one’s checklist (without spending all your cheques' XD)!

The question arises-is it safe for solo travel? And the answer definitely is ‘Oh YES’ or else why would it be in our list of top 5?

If you ask us ‘why’ just Gangtok, our answer would be ‘why not?!’ because oh to be able to witness & experience the magnificent Himalayas! Let your inner travel caterpillar out and fly like a beautiful butterfly in these 'haseen wadiya’.

Places in Gangtok you just wouldn't want to bid farewell to-

  • Nathula Pass

  • Tashi viewpoint

  • Banjhakri Waterfalls

  • Gangtok Rope way & many freaking more!

Thinking of how you're going to reach your destination? Here are ways to reach Gangtok from Bagdogra-

  1. Through helicopter service provided by Sikkim Tourism Development Council. Per person per way fare for this is INR 3500.

  2. One can hire a private taxi which will cost about 3-4K per way.

  3. If you're a single person travelling, you can take a sharing cab (not recommended in covid times, very time-consuming and tiring) will cost 250 RS per person per way.

5. Goa

Yes, you heard us right, GOA!

We’ve all got our ears on so many unpleasant stories about Goa, but the truth is it is one of the best places for solo travellers! One gets to find their inner calling here. As cheesy it may sound-when life gives you lemons, make lemonade & make sure to chug it in Goa (or if you are going to have vodka, you know what to do with those lemons)!

Goa accepts and welcomes each and every person as they are with open arms, that’s the beauty of it!

So if you are a beach & party person or even if you are a lazy lad who loves nature in its natural state-Goa is your BAE <3

Here are some things in Goa excluding beaches & water sports which you'd LOVE to spend your time enjoying-

  • Open mics in their local bars & cafés.

  • Basilica of BOM Jesus, one of the most beautiful & famous churches here

  • Fort Aguada is a 17th-century Portuguese fort, and highlighting it is its lone four-storey lighthouse; The best sunset spot this is!

  • Shopping! Yes, you heard us right, we know you a little too well, don't we? So how could we not mention this? Shopping locally in Goa is something we know you're going to have the time of your life doing!

WOMANIYASSS, what are you waiting for? Grab your bags, tie your laces and take a flight! Go explore Solo cause- YOLO, and stay safe though, nahi to SOLO-YOLO se DOLO LE LO na ho jaye XD.

by Priyasha Bhalla

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