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Looking for a gift for her?
Gift her a trip instead!

Gone are the days when flowers & handwritten letters were the best gift choice for the wonderful ladies in your life. If you're looking for something to gift to your mother, sister, friend, best friend, girlfriend or daughter, the one thing they’ll cherish the most, we've got you!

Womaniya Travel Card. Value ranging from INR 500 - INR 10,000, Womaniyas can use this on any of the trips and make memories & friends for lifetime!

How is this the best gifting option for a girl? Everyone loves travel and new adventures, don't they? So why not gift them something which will help them to follow their travel dreams?
And wanna know the fun part? It’s eco-friendly unlike many decoration items which we end up spending so much on, Womaniya travel card is purposeful & not just a showpiece unlike flowers, yes they are beautiful, but what's the use? Last but not the least, the Womaniya gift card is hassle-free & would bring a big smile on the face of your beloved ladies & give them wings to fly!

Womaniya Travel Card


Flowers are so 90's, gift the special ladies in your life a travel card that helps them explore the world with Wander Womaniya's safe & secure female tours across the world.

Starting Rs 500 only!



How To Buy Womaniya Travel Card

Image by Julia Caesar

Step 1

Select the voucher amount as shown below and select the quantity


Terms & Conditions

  1. It can be redeemed online at the checkout section, where you can enter the gift code while booking the trip.

  2. These vouchers can be used only by females

  3. The vouchers are valid only for 24 months from the date of purchase

  4. If you are unable to utilize the voucher within the stipulated time, you can reach out to us. Decision to extend the validity is reserved t Team Wander Womaniya.

  5. Gift card is valid only on packages available on the website (Both domestic & International Trips)

  6. The vouchers cannot be cancelled or exchanged for cash

  7. The gift card can only be redeemed on online bookings when paid in full. Part payments are not eligible to avail.

  8. Vouchers once utilized are non-refundable in case of trip cancellation by the traveller.

  9. Wanderwomaniya is not responsible for any loss of vouchers

  10. Under no circumstances, the liability of Wanderwomaniya for any claims shall exceed the value of the card

  11. This is for individual use only, Travel agents or Corporates found using the vouchers would lead to cancellation of booking and no refund would be made.

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