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Wander Womaniya Welcomes Lesbians & Homosexual Women


A world free of homophobia, where the LGBTQ is not discriminated against or looked down upon. We at Wander Womaniya believe that irrespective of gender & sexual orientation one should be able to lead a life of equality. We welcome gay girls, homosexual females, women who identify as lesbians to join us for our women-only trips without any second thoughts.

Supreme Court of India, in the year 2018, decriminalized gay sex. Marking a historical stepping stone in the empowerment of the community, we need to note that while the legal situation keeps getting better, the conservative attitude still needs to catch on, especially in India's rural sector. It is an initiative to normalize love of any kind. 

"Love is Love" ​​


India is home to diverse cultures. Believing in "Atithi Devo Bhava," which has forever welcomed tourists with open arms, providing the best hospitality, it has only been partially prosperous in embracing the LGBTQ community. However, it is not all bad news.

 India, in recent times, has started to show rapid progress with big cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, and many others actively spreading awareness. As people become more woke and sensitive to LGBTQ issues, LGBTQ travel does not seem like a distant future. 

Certain steps being taken by Wander Womaniya to support the community:

  • All tours are open to Gay Girls, Womxn (Anybody who identifies as a female)

  • Provision for private rooms for Lesbian couples (T&C*)

  • No additional cost/supplements unless a private accommodation is required.

  • All our trips are designed keeping in mind the needs of solo women travellers like comfortable accommodations & transit, clean washrooms, hygiene, budget-friendly, fun element.

  • No judgements whatsoever :)

Wander Womaniya is India's first women-only travel club that supports and recognizes Gay girls, same-sex relationships, promotes homosexual women to come out and express themselves. 

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