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What makes Kerala perfect for a Women only trip?

These are extraordinary times & it clearly means making a lot of changes to our lifestyle & the very way we go about our daily routines. One such change we are forced to make is limit our travel plans within India. But fret not, we at Wander Womaniya assure you to suggest amazing destinations in India to travel solo & also to take you on a virtual vacation through our blogs.

Do you know most foreign tourists want to visit Kerala on their India Solo Trip, it is the third most popular Indian destination after Agra & Goa.

Do you know Kerala is one of the first places to confirm the Corona virus cases in India and it is doing amazingly well to check the spread? It is expected to be one of the least affected states in India despite the disadvantage of being an early target of Covid-19.

Visit God's own country alone and never miss nature’s bliss here at Kerala. For having to do so, know about the list below for your next solo trip of your lifetime to Kerala.

Kovalam Beaches

Explore the beauty of the beaches at Kovalam, Trivandrum. Its scenic beach bank or the seashore overlooks the transcendent beauty of the Arabian sea. This is a marvelous location for the solo travellers to bask under the bright sunlight during the day, or the late evening with the natural coconut tree and palm tree fragrances around in the air. We recommend that you stay in Raviz Kovalam or Turtle on The beach for which are perfect for women only luxury retreat.


Varkala is in Trivandrum. This location is termed as the mini-Goa of Kerala. It’s best for quaint cafés, lounges, bars, and famous south Indian restaurants where you can try the authentic cuisines while roaming around.

This location is evidently the best for girls to explore their inner solo traveller and foodie side here. This town is even more thundering, alive, and scintillating at night with a young crowd that is eager to meet and greet travellers and others alike at the new and old café and bar junctions that are permitted to open until late night here.

Besides that, this town is famous for finger-licking-good seafood, be it lobster, fishes, prawns, and the like. So, if you are a big seafood lover, you have to try homemade dishes whenever you are on a solo trip to Kerala.

Periyar National Park

Get your fix of natural wildlife at Periyar National Park. Several activities like boating, elephant rides, rafting, and bird watching are quite famous here. One can easily buy the ticket for this national park online or consult Wander Womaniya to help you with the same, if at all you do face any challenges.

Many say that nature comes alive here at this national park and around. The entire expanse of this national park is worth a visit. Periyar National Park, also known as Periyar Tiger Reserve, is in the mountainous Western Ghats of Kerala, southern India. This wildlife sanctuary is home to tigers and a significant elephant population, as well as rare lion-tailed macaques, sambar deer, leopards and Indian bison. Unleash your wild side girls!!

Attend cooking classes in Cochin

When you are travelling alone to Kerala, the best experience is to live the life here as a local. This includes learning to cook dishes Keralites love to eat daily. This often includes Idiyappam with curry, Dosa, Erissery, Appam with Ishtu, Ela Sadya, Prawn curry, and more. However, these classes are found almost in every city and town in Kerala. But the famous ones are conducted in Cochin mostly.

Cochin was recently renamed as Kochi and has been an important port for India since 19th century. Kochi boasts of one of the most vibrant city life contrary to other parts of Kerala while it might be underwhelming in comparison to metropolitan cities like Delhi & Mumbai. Some other points of travel interest in Cochin are Fort Kochi Beach, St. Francis Church, Vasco House, Santa Cruz Basilica, Jew Town, Dutch Palace, Bolghatty Palace and Cherai Beach.

Learn Yoga from the certified practitioners

Kerala is famous for Yoga centers and retreats. At various centers, you can get to heal your soul at various stages. You can improve the right condition of your Chakras whenever you want to travel to Kerala for a rejuvenating period of your life.

Within days of exercising the most-needed Asanas or postures, you would see a drastic change in the way you perceive everything around. This will be a healing process that your stressed or worked-up mind needed.

Moreover, there are plenty of certified yoga trainers in Kerala. So, the quality of the experience with each session will be remarkable and unforgettable.

"Kerala is the Mecca for Yoga enthusiasts"

The hill town of Munnar

Munnar is really the most visited hill station in Kerala. It has everything from nature and wildlife. You get tea plantations, low-flying clouds, and mystifying valleys that you would want to tread and explore.

This hill station is also known for its quaint home-stays and the villages nearby. Some of the buildings and bungalows in Munnar are a live representation of what was built in the Colonial period. All this makes for a perfect a girl gang trip.

So, you can go on long scooty, bicycle, or open jeep drives here, clicking selfies, making video logs, and enjoying the extreme South Indian beauty. Most of the places to visit here are: The Panoramic Getaway, Devonshire Greens, Chandy’s Windy Woods.

There are schemes available with the travel agents to conduct camping and trekking here. Or else, you can talk to locals and stay at their houses in exchange for the regular farm work. This would be like living a nomadic life once in a while. Otherwise, you can also visit Eravikulam National Park for the hunt and experience of rare species of birds and animals.

Houseboat stay at Kumarakom

You cannot simply miss the joy of staying at houseboats whenever you are on a solo trip to Kerala. It’s one of the most beautiful things that Kerala is famous for. Kumarakom is the hamlet or the quaint village you can find near Vembanad Lake.

This hamlet has extremely pleasant weather and scenery emitting the feeling of a picturesque town for sure. Mesmerizing nature unfolds here with the help of backwaters, fresh air, choice delicacies, and fresh coconuts.

The activities you must try whenever you stay at the houseboat at Kumarakom are boating, fishing, kayaking, cruising, and more. You can even ask for the houseboat ride. This way, while staying at the houseboat for the weekend, you can also roam around in the backwaters at the nominal rates.

So if you were planning a Sri Lanka or Bali Trip with your girls, year 2020 gives you an opportunity to explore Kerala first & next year you can compare the beauty of South India with the overseas destinations.

Co-Contributed by Ms. Swati Joshi

A mother , a working woman, solo traveler and fashion influencer whose dream is to touch the sky and love helping needy people
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