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Why should every woman must travel with a ladies only group at-least once in their life

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

You must have noticed exclusive women travel groups coming up in different parts of the world including United States, Canada , Europe, Australia, Dubai and last but not the least India. What is the reason behind gender specific travel companies mushrooming throughout the world? Read more to find out!

1) Be Your True Self Ladies

You no longer are obliged to act as a mother / daughter / wife / girlfriend / mother, you can be yourself. Liberty of no attachments is only possible while travelling solo or on ladies only trip because you are no longer responsible for your husband or kids. Yes no sleepless nights because of the kids crying, let your husband or in-laws take care of him.

2) Make new friends

Let's face it we all tend to get bored of people we see everyday. There is always this fear of getting judged for your actions and opinions. So why not travel with people who are not connected with you in any manner so you. Also the solo travelling girls you meet are more likely to share your taste of exploring the world & choice of cuisine, how you party so on & so forth.

3) Easy to get permission from parents or family

While we totally oppose the idea of any independent woman needing to seek family's permission to travel solo but having said that it is still easier to convince your parents to let you go for a trip with a ladies only group. We feel you when your parents denied you going on school and college trips.

4) Get sloshed

So you have always been the responsible one who stops people from drinking too much and helping friends when they are wasted. Don't you feel you are missing out on something? Let yourself free this time. Yes get wasted!

5) Wear anything you want to or don't wear anything :P

Always wanted to wear that bikini but not sure if you have a perfect bikini body? Well seriously fuck body shaming wear whatever you want to or don't wear wear whatever you don't want to either. So bring that crop top for your next girls trip.

6) Eat all you want to

Yes, we mean it. Eat as many ice-creams or chocolates or even Biryani. With nobody fat shaming you for a change yes not even kidding. The men tend to have such a high appetite and they have the balls to call you fat!

7) Talk without filters

You can talk whatever comes to your mind, no need to filter any fucking thing. Yes abuse , shout, cry, laugh out loud do whatever you feel like nobody is asking you to behave in any certain manner.

8) Meet some hot men

Err. Ya you can, just don't tell your parents about it or they will sue us.

9) Feel like a queen

So at Wander Womaniya we always give you an option to upgrade to a personal room. What does that mean? It means your personal room, your personal bed and last but not the least your personal bathroom too! Well it does come at a little premium :P

10) Shopping!!!

Yes there is a special time allotted for shopping on each of our women trips. Sounds amazing no? No parents or husband or boyfriend to distract you from checking out each store and shopping to your heart's content.

11) Click thousands of pictures

Selfies, group pictures, group selfies, mirror selfies, pool picture, bathroom selfie, bathtub photo, bikini photo-shoot and still counting. Click as many photos as you like

"I went to the bathroom and found my next Instagram-worthy picture after um well 159 clicks.

12) Dance like nobody is watching

Dance in a club, dance in your resort or just dance on the road whenever you want to without worrying about anybody isnt that one of the best part of travelling in a women travel group. Be your crazy self.

13) Share your secrets

You can share secrets that you have never told anyone well because none of these female cotravelers can tell your parents or use it against you. So be blunt about that game of Never have I Ever!

14) Explore exotic destinations

Visit the amazing destinations you always wanted but didn't get company to, be it the clean sandy beaches or the Great Himalayas. Travel the world solo with ladies - only trips

Tell us your reason to go on a ladies-only trip!

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