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Wander Womaniya has been exclusively created to provide a global platform for girls traveling solo in India, looking for safe and healthy women travel groups across the globe. We aim at providing the best services to ladies only, in India and across Asia, middle east & Europe. We know that you've cancelled a lot of long awaited holidays because your girl gang just couldn't make it. It certainly is a daunting task to travel alone. But not anymore,you can travel solo and still stay completely safe. Find friendships which lasts a lifetime with our exclusive women travel groups for solo female travelers.

From beaches to mountains and from adventure to spirituality, our women travel groups are uniquely curated to be a blend of the best of every solo travel destination for girls traveling alone. Covering every destination possible, from the picturesque Bali & Thailand beaches to Sikkim & Ladakh mountains in the mighty Himalayas, we've created perfect packages to suit travel groups for women. Traveling solo as a woman in India or anywhere for that matter can be daunting, challenging, scary or even dangerous because of safety & security concerns for girls traveling solo. We cover all touristy & unexplored destinations to ensure our ladies only trips are fun, adventurous and cater to all age groups of women travelers.  

Most importantly, our exclusive women only trips ensure that you have a safe and secure solo trip. We organise trips both within India & abroad. Meeting a bunch of  like minded female travelers and traveling with them, is eye opening, fun & brave. We ensure that you don't come across any inconvenience while you're making your solo travel memories.So leave all your worries behind, and accompany us in our adventures with Wander Womaniya's ladies only trips.

Wander Womaniya uses boutique, semi luxury hotels & accommodations apart from cute home-stays run by locals, Airbnb, luxury camps along with luxury camps & hotels to give a variety of experiences on all our women travel groups. The reason why we don't focus on over the top luxury accommodations is that we want Indian women to truly experience the magic of solo travelling & experiencing something uniquely beautiful. We want to reach the ambitious common working women as well as women travelers who still do not have support of their families to be able to set their foot out and explore the world through our women travel groups. So when you book a ladies only trip with Wander Womaniya be assured the accommodations will be comfortable, clean, safe, secure anything but dingy and even luxurious. We believe in staying rooted to the ground and try to experience the true essence of each place we visit.  We thrive by "affordable luxury" for all our solo travel India female packages. 

Why "Womaniya" because Indian women fondly referred to as "Jugni" too as Indian women are fearless, fierce and a lot more than what the they are perceived to be; we organize the best solo trips for women of all ages, check out our reviews!

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