Wander Womaniya is the only global platform designed exclusively for women travel enthusiasts. We brings the women from all the sections of the society altogether for both national and international trips. Also we provide our women travelers variety of options to choose from the widely listed destinations. Be it a ‘Hot Air Balloon Ride’ in Cappadocia or a ‘Solo Ladies Trip to the Niagara Falls’ or a ‘Solo Girls Trip to Ladakh’, we bring it all with a single click to your convenience. Our motto is to make it happen that women would be able to travel beyond any Caste, Creed, Nationality and Race.

Why "Womaniya" because Indian women are fearless, fierce and a lot more than what the they are perceived to be; we organize the best solo trips for women of all ages, check out our reviews!

We connect you with a Travel Company that organizes group trips to your preferred destinations. Also our professional team makes sure that our women travelers feel safe throughout the journey.

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