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10 places in Karnataka which are perfect for a solo female traveller

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Flora and Fauna to breathtaking beaches to industry and commerce, Karnataka has got it all under one roof. The place has impeccable history and blessed with wonderful architecture. Many people from around the country and world are working in Bangalore hence the traffic is common issue with citizens. But when in Bangalore, there are a lot of amazing places one can visit around the city. Some of the places which are lusciously green and some places have serine surroundings. Working all the time in requires a short weekend getaway with friends or family. These are few places one can easily choose for relaxation and package to each place will be around ₹5000 per person. check women travel groups packages.

1. Bangalore (Bengaluru)

Garden city of India is third populous city in India. Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India, because of all the software companies, hub of IT, Commercial and Industrial sector. It is also brilliant destination for tourists, with beautiful gardens, heritage palaces, museum, and temples. Lalbagh Garden, Tipu Sultan’s Palace, Bangalore Palace, Nandi Hills, Vishveswaraiah Museum, ISKON Temple, Bannerghatta National park, are perfect for your travel itinerary here.

2. Hampi

Hampi is situated at banks of Tungabhadra River in Karnataka, and also a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is situated about 340 km from Bangalore and one can take bus to travel to Hampi. If you are an admirer of great architecture and history, there is no better place than this, as it stands between the ruins of former capital of Vijaynagara Empire. The history dotted with innumerable gems which were hewed from stones, also open museum of religion and architecture. Virupaksha Temple, Vattala Temple, Hampi Bazar, and wandering around the ruins of empire are very significant for travelling in Hampi.

3. Mysore

Mysore is 139 km from Bangalore and it’s easy to reach there either with taxi or bus. The Majestic city of India, with beautiful Mysore Palace, and popular for Dussehra celebration is must visit place in India. The Palace is filled with astonishing pieces of history and culture, the open museum and with exquisite variety of vintage cars. Another wonderful site to visit is Mysore Zoo with wide range of wildlife is add on experience. The light and sound show in magnificent Brindavan Garden. Mysore is also popular for the elegance of different Indian attires like silk sarees, also sandalwood, yoga etc.

4. Udupi

Udupi is a breathtaking place, it is situated between the mountains of Western Ghats and beaches of Arabian Sea. There are buses from Bangalore at night and is almost 400 km away. It is very popular because of Krishna Mutt and an attraction for pilgrims. The astounding road to Mattu beach, with beach at one side and river on the other. St. Mary’s island is paradise on earth, the 20 minutes boat journey to island is worth every second, you can also enjoy the water sports there. Other than that Malpe Beach- the sea walk, Kapu Beach- the light house, are the top places to visit in Udupi tour.

5. Jog Falls

Jog Falls are 400 km away from Bangalore and travelling via train is recommended. This waterfall is mesmerizing beauty, the cascade of four rivers merge here and creates waterfall which creates peaceful atmosphere to relax. It is one of the highest plunge waterfall in India. It creates perfect scenery and soothes the soul.

6. Sakleshpur

A pure blissful getaway from Bangalore and Hasan side is Sakleshpur. It is the best hill station in Karnataka and is about 200 km away from Bangalore. Many families visit here for a weekend getaway. This place is known for production of cinnamon and coffee in India, while at it don’t forget to load yourself with ample of coffee. The place is filled with fascinating beauty of mountains, pleasant weather, and scenic paradise. Manjarabad Fort, Magajahalli waterfalls, Sakleshwara Temple, Hemavathi Dam are few places to visit when you travel here.

7. Coorg

Coorg is one of the top hill station of South India, fondly known as Scotland of India, it is approximately 300 km from Bangalore. This place is largest producer of coffee in India and also one of the highest amount of Rainfall in India. Coorg is home of three wildlife sanctuaries because of its origin in Western Ghats. Major tourist’s attractions of Coorg are, Abbey Falls, Raja’s Seat, Omkareshwara Temple, Iruppu Falls, Talacauvery, and Dubare.

8. Chikmangalur

Chikmangalur is the starting point of the Western Ghats, it’s filled with scenic beauty. It is situated in the Malnad Region of Karnataka. Chikmangalur is known for its serine beauty, surrounded with hills and Yagachi River. Baba Budanigri, Mulliyangiri, Horanadu, and Kemmanagundi are among the list to be included in the travel plans. From Bangalore it is only 240 km far and one can take bus to visit this amazing place.

9. Gokarna

Shri Mahabaleshwar Temple which houses Atmalinga given to Ravana by Shiva, it is main reason of attraction of tourists. It is also known as MuktiSthla because people perform funeral rites here. Gokarna is also popular for its beaches. MahaGanapathi temple, Bhadrakali Temple, Varadaraja temple and Venkataramana temple are the other prominent temples that can be visited as part oftravel pacakage here. Take train while travelling from Bangalore to here and enjoy the alluring view from your window, it is about 500 km far from Bangalore.

10. Murudeshwar

Murudeshwar is about 500 km away from Bangalore and 127 km from Mangalore. It is among one of the popular places to pilgrimage in South India. Surrounded by Arabian Sea from three sides, and alluring Western Ghats, makes it a wonderful tourist site for people of Kerala and Karnataka. The city is filled with temples of Shiva, and has second largest statue of Lord Shiva in the country. Sunset at KundukaGiri is mesmerizing, and nearby Netrani Island is also very popular spot.

These are the few places to visit while planning a solo trip in Karnataka. These places are filled with adventure, history and beauty of nature. While travelling don’t forget to try local cuisines and shopping is always on the agenda of any trip. These places are astounding and never fails one's expectation for a perfect trip.

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