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Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Hello hello lovely readers! Are you enjoying Halloween with fake costumes and fictional horror stories? Come on, you deserve better. Here I am, offering you a ride into some real scary facts that'll keep you up at night and I promise, the next time you're having a meal, you'll get reminded of this blog. So let's dive right in!

Hard to swallow pills ahead!

On Unemployment

There were 31 million unemployed Indians looking for jobs as of February, 2018 and the number of estimated job creations was 60000. Are you graduating soon? Source

On Education

Speaking of unemployment, let's get to the root of it, AKA education. Let's face it, higher education in India sucks. There are very few institutions which live up to global standards and there are thousands and lakhs of institutions which don't have enough teachers and professors. They lack vocational training which result in millions of unemployable graduates because of lack of employable skills. National Skills Report, 2014, found that only 30% of graduates were employable. Be scared people, be very scared. Source

On Student Loans

The world is in a total student loan debt of $1.52 trillion. Good luck paying the loan back guys! You'll work your asses off at a job you hate and become the modern equivalent of bonded labor. Oh did I just imply bonded labor is an ancient concept? My apologies. Source

On Poverty

Do loans remind you of something? Yep, gareebi. But, there are poor people and then there are very poor people. India has a weird definition of very poor people. Our poverty line is Rs.32 for rural India, and Rs.47 for urban India, per day. 32 Rupees! 32 Rupees! Can you imagine that for a person to be called poor it has to take him to not be able to afford a single full meal, because Rs.32 buy you nothing which can fill your stomach for a day. Next time you curse yourself for bad luck, think about the Rs.32 guy. Also, don't forget to guilt trip yourself for wasting food next time. 363 million Indians can't afford food to fill their belly. Source

On Statues

Did you hear about the Sardaar Patel statue in Gujarat? Of course you did. Now you might think, what can be scary about a statue? Turns out, a lot of things. Hailed as the 'Statue of Unity' in a country with rising mob lynchings and communal violence, isn't it a little hypocritical of the government? No? I'll give you another line of logic. The statue cost us approximately Rs.3000 crores of tax payer money. Remember the Rs.32 guy? He's still sleeping hungry. Source

On Refugees and Wars

Let's go international with scary shit, shall we? According to a UNHCR report a total of 65.6 million people were forcibly displaced worldwide at the end of 2016. On average, 20 people were driven from their homes every minute in 2016, or one every three seconds – less than the time it takes to read this sentence. Back home, when India refused shelter to Rohingya Muslims who were facing a genocide in Myanmar at the hands of their own people, we made it clear, that after all, humanity is a matter of convenience for us also, like many powerful nations in the world, like America and China, both with vigorous policies against refugee migrations into them. But as they say, what goes around comes around. Congratulations Indians, with new immigration laws in America being brought in by the Trump administration, second generation Indian immigrants to the country, are basically fucked. Source

That's all for today folks. I hope that gave you enough chills, but if you crave for more, google crime rates in India. Also, if you've made it till here, you deserve a treat.

Here you go.

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