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The future is female (Women oriented startups you must know about)

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

This is in continuation to our last article "Women leading the entrepreneurial buzz" https://www.wanderwomaniya.com/post/women-leading-the-entrepreneurial-buzz

The future is female. The world is filled with beautiful, ambitious, intelligent, smart and vibrant women who has climbed the mountains and dived into the ocean, she has been everywhere, seen everything and done everything. In this growing world of business, the femininity is globally glowing. There is no industry or field in which women have not stepped & excelled. Be it health, sanitation, finance, transportation, tourism or whatsoever.

Among the major inventions that changed the course of humanity – alongside electricity, fuel, and the internet - are condoms, and contraceptive pills. They helped women take charge of their bodies, and control when they want to start or grow their family rather than being helpless without a choice. As time passed, more innovations came up in the women’s health sector. In the last decade or so, a few startups have mushroomed in India focusing on women health, whether it is pregnancy related, or for menstruation, or even breast cancer.


One can never be too careful during pregnancy. Maatritva, a mobile health platform for midwives, aims to prevent complications for expectant mothers, and enables safe delivery by identifying and tracking high-risk pregnancies.


Launched three years ago, ‘ILove9Months’ provides virtual and offline support to expectant and new mums through its mobile app. Besides a birth companion programme, it offers breast-feeding and lactation pods in public areas like restaurants, corporate officer, metro stations etc.


Startups like Trucup are taking earnest efforts to remove the taboo on period and associated practices, and spread the use of menstrual cups which are made of silicon and are barely felt once inserted into the body.


SAIREE CHAHAL a business graduate from IMT ghaziabad, has taken upon herself the task of bringing career opportunities to women with SHEROES.in.Sheroes was launched in 2013 a platform that provides a career eco-system for women. It broke even in its first year and now has over 7,000 companies listed on their platform.


PeeBuddy is an easy-to-carry, disposable tunnel-shaped paper urination device that ergonomically fits between the legs to enable women to stand and urinate, thus avoiding any contact with dirty common toilet seats. It even helps women with posture-related diseases and restrictive conditions like arthritis and pregnancy, respectively.


Richa Kar helped women across India to buy lingerie which was beautiful and comfortable, it is indeed an underrated startup which has addressed the problems faced by girls in India due to social stigma. Lingerie was always something which was never discussed openly hence seeking comfort was a taboo. Now you can choose and buy lingerie which you like and feel comfortable in.


ADITI GUPTA created a Hindi comic book with her now husband Tuhin Patel, illustrating and educating girls about menstruation. From here, Aditi and Tuhin’s venture has scaled to a whole website called Menstrupedia.com.


KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson that have been friends in Harvard, have always wanted to work together on something. Their business idea came from an everyday problem they both were dealing with ; the struggle of women of color to find the perfect nude lipstick. They created Mented Cosmetics ; a luxury beauty brand that promises the perfect nude lip shades for women of color.


FALGUNI NAYYAR, took the entrepreneurial plunge and launched Nykaa.com, a beauty and wellness ecommerce, premier platform for women. This IIM Ahmedabad graduate launched her website in the latter end of 2012 and soon enough Nykaa was already boasting of retail partnerships with the world’s top notch personal care corporations like Unilever, P&G, L’Oreal, Beiersdorf, Johnson & Johnson and going onto raise 20 crores in funding from private investors with plans to expand to new technologies, a mobile app and physical stores in the country.


Maven is revolutionizing women’s healthcare by being the first virtual clinic dedicated to women’s and family health. The startup is connecting working women with doctors through its secure platform providing them with health education regarding any issues that may concern them.

Modern fertility

Modern Fertility is defining modern fertility care and wants to change fertility from being reactive to proactive . It’s providing an affordable hormone test that women can take at home so that they can make well informed decisions early in life. Their aim is not only to provide a cheap solution but to also empower women by educating them and giving them important information about their reproductive system.

Athena club

Athena Club has recently launched their website in summer of 2018. This woman-led startup is disrupting the industry of menstruation by providing women in the US affordable tampons as a subscription-based service. Women have to customize their monthly package regarding their preferences and have it shipped at the frequency they want.

ANGI Homeservices

Angie Hicks, saw a huge gap in the market, forming a service that no one else had provided before. Angie’s List helps you find the ideal household service that is right for you – all at the click of a button!

Flo Health

Flo Health is the developer of a period-tracking app designed to predict women’s menstrual cycles, ovulation and fertile days. The app uses AI to examine shifts in mood and physical changes to prioritize personalized content and services.

Food Period

Food Period’s mission is to introduce women to seed-synching as a natural alternative for hormonal health challenges related to menstruation, PCOS and other symptoms.


Thinx makes period-proof underwear designed to offer an eco-friendly alternative to pads and tampons. Thinx are made using quad-dry breathe technology and thin materials that resist stains and leaks, wick moisture and provide anti-bacterial support.


BOONDH is an enterprise with a social mission to make the menstrual cup available in India at affordable prices which is indeed a noble cause as majority of Indian women do not have access to menstrual cups.


Bangalore-based Niramai’s AI-driven solution Thermalytix uses a high-resolution thermal sensing device that scans the chest area like a camera. This is done remotely, which means that it affords women privacy. It is also contact-less, so there is no touch involved. The thermal scan is then read by Thermalytix to detect any early signs of cancer. It is also far more affordable than conventional methods and does not require heavy equipment, making it ideal for use in smaller cities and towns.


Cognitive psychotherapist and scientist Shadi Ganz developed India’s first fully equipped mobile breast and cervical cancer screening bus in Tamil Nadu. The Mammomobile was designed with different compartments containing machinery imported from the US to be able to diagnose patients and deliver instant results. There’s a section for conducting mammography and a control room to get the test results. It also houses a section to examine women for cervical cancer. The results are immediately checked by a team of doctors at The Cancer Institute in Chennai.


UE LifeSciences, a mobile health technology startup, has built iBreastExam, a portable and radiation-free device that can be used in virtually any setting. It performs bilateral breast examinations and produces results within five minutes while detecting lesions with sensitivity higher than 85 percent.

The above 20 odd startups which have blossomed across the world certainly show us the way ahead and truly empower women to keep up with the challenges faced in the current world scenario. If you feel we have missed out on any amazing startup dedicated to women or if you have any other suggestions feel free to comment.

Do share this blog with you sister, friends, mother & everyone around you so that we can educate more & more people about these amazing ideas and concepts.

Research & Written by Ms. Vrinda Dixit

Edited by Anuj

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