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13 Reasons Why You Want to Take A Solo Trip

Solo travel teaches you the most adventurous and sorted-out lessons of life. These lessons are not taught in just a book. They require field experience, one which you never forget yourself. To know more, read these reasons that necessitate the need for a solo trip for every traveller in the world.

1. Explore multiple places as per your wish

When you decide to go for a solo trip, no one is there to point out the destination for you. You are the boss, guide, instructor, and much more for yourself throughout the journey. Thus, if you have been longing to visit a place, but had earlier failed to accomplish it, a solo trip is a way to get done with it.

During such trips, you will explore the places of your choice. You will not worry about what others might think or say. The ultimate decision is yours. Only you can change it as it will be entirely your trip.

2. Gain confidence much faster

When you walk out on the road, visit unknown places, and pack your bags like you know it all, but in reality, you are so scared and nervous, that is when a bud of confidence grows in your gut. This is only possible because you challenge yourself to move in such a direction that you probably know nothing or have only limited knowledge about, despite the internet research.

At this moment, only one person would come to your immediate rescue, and if you have not guessed it yet, that’s no one but you. During a solo trip, you gain confidence much faster because you rely on your skills before anyone else.

3. Get to know yourself like never before

On a journey that you take alone, there are ample opportunities for you to discover. One such is to get to know yourself. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations, or try new things. There will be no other person to judge or stop you. So, you can benefit from this time alone.

If you have felt your entire life was a race, then on a solo trip, you can chill, relax, and sit down beside the river bank to earn a new perspective about yourself and your life. That’s one of the magic of solo trips which should not be missed ever in life.

4. Face issues and tackle them on your own

This reason is closely related to a few ones already mentioned. If you do not face issues while on a solo journey to any place of your choice, you won’t learn to copy. But once you do so, there is no lack of confidence thereon.

That’s just one benefit. After that, the series of advantages never really stop. You get to know the people, the adventure, the issues, and more than that; you realize which kind of person you are when no one is watching.

You also realize if you are capable of solving regular issues that people get on travel trips to any places suitable for solo travelers. These issues might be related to but not limited to, things like money, food, accommodation, vehicle repair & maintenance, and the like.

If you take yourself out of these situations, then you gain respect and confidence for yourself. If you do not, then you know how to rely on others for help at the right time from the right place.

5. Do something exciting in life

Living life in a routine is no fun. You have to break the chain once in a while. It helps bring the productivity back, and even your work gets a promotion the way you do it. But for that, a break like a solo trip should be taken by you.

Let’s suppose you can go on solo trips every two months or so. Then you will be back with new experiences each time without caring about anyone else’s judgment. You may never know, but you might end up making new traveller friends, get to know locals of each town/village/city, eat authentic food, and bring back memories to talk about for upcoming years.

We can say, a solo trip is an adventure on its own and that too on every single day, especially if it is not planned thoroughly by the traveller. But we would suggest spontaneous solo trips only to those who have taken planned solo trips before. Otherwise, it can be quite overwhelming for newbies.

6. Make memories and meet new people on your way

Do not be afraid to make memories with strangers in your life. Sometimes, these strangers give you the happiness which your friends and family failed miserably to do so. After all, it’s a fact that people open-up with strangers more in comparison to their family and friends. It’s the fear of rejection and judgement that drives them close to strangers.

So, when you are going on a solo trip, you will meet hundreds or thousands of strangers. A few of them will give you promising fun throughout the journey. At least, when you come back, you will finally have some happy memories that you have been searching for too long already.

This could be your chance to find inner happiness and peace, which you thought was to be given by your parents, promotion, or even the life partner.

7. Host video blogs to own a travel blog consistently

Are you passionate about travelling, writing, and videography? Then why not turn into a full-time solo traveller and blogger at the same time? People across countries often do it for their passion and income together.

Travelling places alone are worthy of the effort to write it down on a blog post, share personal experiences, interview local people, get them photographed, and post their pics with consent online on your blog post.

Then see the reviews and feedback from those around the world who are interested in places that you go to or those who are keen on knowing the locals of that place. Therefore, you can become ears and eyes of those people from different corners of the world who find it impossible to reach that destination where you already are making your first or plenty of other solo trips.

Doing so, you will never fall short of gaining respect from everyone who clicks on your videos and written content about the ethnicity and the culture you are experiencing first hand. You can say, video blogging can give voice to those villagers who never find opportunities in the world to grow.

8. Earn a living out of it when you are passionate about it

Apart from taking blogging and videography of your solo trips as a passion, you can convert it into a full-time profession. For this, you have to do a lot of research, spend time with locals, business owners, make other bloggers, and solo traveller friends.

But this is one of the unconventional ways to lead your time on your terms. When you do solo-travelling and earn from those trips, you feel a new high. You might as well feel so positive, which you have never felt before.

This is because you are spending your time doing what you like and also getting paid for that. Not many people in the world are able to do that. It requires a lot of guts, hard and smart work entailing connection, resources, and some sort of financial support initially as well.

9. Enjoy living in the moment

We said before that each day on a solo trip is an adventure on its own. You can take this adventure to the next plan when you do things unplanned and make more memories of the present moment. Besides that, when you are on a solo trip, you are compelled to think about the current moment.

Then you won’t think about the past or the future, none of which are in your control. Thus, you learn the value of the present and enjoy every moment it goes by.

You can say, solo travelling is a way to learn how to live your life with purest feelings in your heart. It forces you to respect your present moment more than the future or the past, which are not going to change as you want them to.

10. Go to the places where nobody has gone yet in your friend circle

It’s important to discover new places, but when you go to those destinations where your friends have not gone, you become a more respectable person in their eyes. These places might be too cheap, expensive, scary, or require a lot of hard work or research even before the travel begins.

Or these places may be like Goa, for which often the plans are cancelled last minute for one or the other reason. But when you go to such destinations, you can live with your friends online and show them how you are learning to make trips by yourself.

Then, next time, when the same trip is planned with your friends, at least you will know which place is best to visit first.

11. It gives you mental peace

Solo trips give you mental peace, which you have failed to accumulate anywhere else. That is majorly because there is no one to disappoint you, apart from yourself. On a solo travelling journey, you are dependent on your skills, talent, and knowledge.

Thus, you can go anywhere, stay at one place for hours, or jump from one shop to another without buying anything for anyone. There is actually no one to point out your mistakes. This entire feeling of being all alone and never fearing what others might think of yourself is a feeling that we usually miss out on while we live our daily life.

In the end, a solo trip gives you peace because you demand it yourself. No one forces you to take it. It is solely your decision, and irrespective of the experience, you are always proud of wherever you go by yourself.

12. It gives you a break from the work-life

When you are doing 9-5 jobs, creativity and fun lose its course along the way. Every day, you got to wake up, do the same work in your office, and report the same stuff at the end of the week to your super seniors.

But the solo trip is an unconventional method that breaks that chain. You do not have to report to anyone, except your family and friends about the places you are visiting at the moment. Thus, a solo trip is a break from the usual work-life for yourself. You must take it at least once a month or two.

13. You can get inspired by nature, places, people, and things

If you are an artist, a solo trip is even more important for you. Many artists like writers, painters, singers, dancers, and moviemakers get inspired by the people or the things they see or visit during their solo trips.

It is strongly believed that every person has at least one story to tell to the world. So, going on a solo trip when you meet thousands of people, you collect thousands of examples of people living their lives differently than yours to date.

This way, as an artist, you get a whole new perspective from a local’s point of view about the world they see and live in. You also get to know how nature is taking its course in different places on this planet.

Other than that, you know where are the major differences in society, why people are poor and rich, why people scam, and so much more. There is always a reason for human behaviour to evolve and change. And as an artist, you should know more about it. A solo trip is an on-the-job training lesson for you. With solo trips, you get close with strangers, you live their life, and you get to know their everyday issues and troubles.

At times, you might be able to solve them. And if you think you can, you should never hesitate. You never know, but you might end up changing a single person’s life through your next solo trip to the location you have in your mind right now.

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