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My Dream Destination Is Seoul, South Korea!

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Seoul, South Korea, is one of those cities across the world, which is famous for its vibrant culture, friendly people, late-night parties, and spicy Kimchi! Basically, this city is best for youngsters especially girls travelling solo to enjoy the thrill of their age.

Additionally, what draws me to Seoul is its language, dialect, dressing sense, modern and rural culture amalgamation, and the fantastic South Korean dramas that are filmed.

Those who are keen for travelling must already know that Seoul, South Korea, is a city never to miss. Here you experience the rundown of the busiest lives of South Korea.

You can even say it is New York, Mumbai, or Shanghai of South Korea. In short, the busiest, yet the liveliest city to live in South Korea.

The Features In Detail About Seoul:

The eating culture of Seoul is finger-licking good

There are more choices for side dishes than in the main course. People love it like the most amazing street food items to try whenever they step in Seoul. We can say, every street corner has an array of street food joints.

The way each side dish is cooked and served is another kind of experience. Many of these street food corners have little tents mounted. Then, others have some food vans at the corner.

People often sit in those tents after getting done with the work for the day. Be it a corporate person, or a wage worker, you can find anyone in those tented street food corners. That’s one of the fantastic experiences to observe and take home whenever you want to try a new dish, most likely to be spicy, tangy, and juicy.

Thus, such evenings always end up with Soju; the local beverage ordered most often by adults while consuming the spiciness blasted in the mouth by those unforgettable dishes.

Karaoke nights are the best to forget the stress

Seoul is full of Karaoke and live music restaurants and bars. Again, it is an addition to the party-culture embedded in its roots. Thus, for a young adult, who wants to enjoy life like it’s the best day to date, hopping from one Karaoke to another with Korean, and expat friends here is a must.

It is so compelling for an adult like me that I want to live those moments with full enjoyment and without any judgments.

Cheap study rooms to set your career right

Seoul is one of those cities that is home to a crazy amount of 24-hour operational study rooms. Most of the students in South Korea are focused on applying for government services at least once in their lifetime, which is similar to Indian students.

Thus, they are offering study rooms for an entire day at just Rs. 400-500 or $6 per day. This equates to be around 7000 South Korean Won per day. This is the cheapest way to study for your government exams for which you want to apply in the country while planning to become a permanent resident of South Korea.

There is a large scope for IT and E-commerce ventures

South Korea is one of the IT-friendly countries in the world. Whereas Seoul is more focused on creativity, IT, and start-ups related to E-commerce. Thus, it is one of the best dream destinations because I know there is a lot of scope for the IT sector here.

There is a dominance of smart homes

The majority of the upscale provinces of Seoul have smart homes. They are controlled by central keypads or your average smartphone – even from a far distance. Thus, chances of theft, burglary, fire, and other uncertainties your house might be vulnerable to, are cut down by a large number.

That is because the house owners can continuously be in touch with the happenings of their houses even when they are not in the house! That’s an amazing relief to those who work for late hours outside, those who love to travel to other places, and those who live alone.

You can become a really responsible citizen, despite all the partying across the town while you are living in Seoul.

There is a crazy scope for bargaining!

Those who want to live out in Seoul at a very affordable cost can do so. That’s possible because South Korea is the land of the electronics industry globally, being the home to Samsung and LG.

Thus, Seoul, the country capital, has a lot of shops and vendors selling upbeat electronics products at a very low rate.

But, if you get to those provinces where there are multiple electronic shops lined together, you can always try your luck at haggling to buy the best products at the lowest prices in Seoul.

The inheritance of living a quality life

Most Korean in Seoul love to live a quality life. Thus, I want to learn how they work, what they eat, and how they are so happy about living with the stressful work culture. It is a very rare trait that is missing in most countries across the world.

Once we learn to live by that stress with a happy smile that comes straight from the heart, life will be more beautiful and happier like it never was.

Learn the art of passive income here

Most Seoulites love side-hustle. That means they are masters of part-time jobs that can equate to your monthly income easily. In fact, I would say the part-time or the gig economy has been strongly initiated by South Koreans.

This can also be one of the reasons why these Seoulites are so happy in their life. They know how to make their income work and multiply itself in the coming years. Apart from that, people living here do not hesitate to try out new experiences in life.

Because of such beliefs and mindset, I am incredibly drawn to Seoul. I want to know how to save, invest, and earn money in the most organic and smart way possible.

Thus, I find Seoul to be the best learning source and a dream destination for me at this moment.

So what's your dream destination?

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