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Making her tech savvy - Girlscript Foundation

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

What is GirlScript Foundation?

GirlScript is a section-8 company registered under Government of India established on 2nd of June, 2017. It started under Mozilla Open Leaders Program to help beginners in technology and programming. GirlScript is open for all community, although it supports diversity and wants to bring equality in tech, therefore, reserves 50% of seats for underrepresented groups including women, LGBTQ etc. In one year of its establishment, it has won “BEST EDUCATIONAL START-UP” AWARD and many more such felicitations.

Here are some stats that might astound you:

GirlScript has helped 10,000+ students to begin their career in Tech Field since its birth.GirlScript has over 50% Female Participants in all tech programs.GirlScript has its Chapter Leaders in 36 cities of India.GirlScript has its presence internationally too 😱.

What is LetsPy?

LetsPy is India’s biggest Python Programming BootCamp for 2 days with more than 500+ attendees from 5+ universities and corporations, it is the biggest platform to learn, understand and enhance your programming skills. With more than 10 workshops and 30+ hours of hands-on coding experience, LetsPy will have 65% of women participants as it is being conducted by GirlScript Foundation.

The motto behind conducting this BootCamp is to promote Python Programming and Open-Source in tier-two and tier-three cities of India. The attendees will start learning from scratch and will be taken to a tour of the topics like Chat Bots, Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

What’s new in LetsPy India Tour 2019...

Unlike last year’s edition, this time volunteers from various chapters under GirlScript have been chosen to organize LetsPy in their city to help beginners get started with Python and its applications.

GirlScript Ghaziabad & GirlScript Noida Chapters

have got the chance to collaborate together and organize LetsPy — Python Programming BootCamp in Noida Area.

Things to remember as a participant:

Date of BootCamp: 6–7 April 2019 (Saturday and Sunday)

Timings of BootCamp: 10:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m.

Venue: 91springboard, Sector — 1, Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Offline/Online: Offline (must be present both days)

Registration Link:

Pre-requisite: Must have Python 3 pre-installed on the system.

NOTE: Bringing laptops on both days is must as the sessions are going to be completely hands-on.
What will you learn?

During the training, you will cover the following topics:

Python Objects & Data Structure, Object Oriented PythonPython Decorators and GeneratorsPython Operators & Statements, Methods & Functions.Errors & Exception HandlingCommand Line, Git & GitHub OverviewModules & PackagesPython in Data SciencePython for CloudMachine Learning with PythonApplications of Python in industry

What are the perks?

Attendee Kit including certificates and much more…PresentationsBrunchT-Shirt and swagsLearn Python from scratchMake connections

How can I connect with the organizers about a query?

Well, that’s easy you can either contact us via mail or follow us on our social media handles to stay updated or follow Yashika Kalra, Manvi Singhwal and Archana Kumari for same. The links for the same are as follows:

Our sponsors and partners:

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