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List of Long weekends 2020/ holidays in the year 2020

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Stuck in a corporate job because you have bills to pay but your heart is in the mountains? We feel you, yes we do hence here is a a list which you can refer to whenever you are planning to a take a break from the mundane & monotonous city life.

Holidays in January 2020

New years is falling on a Wednesday, yes 1st January 2020 is a Wednesday. So what are your options? You can leave on 31st December 2019 and continue your vacation till 5th January which gives you 5 full days by taking just 2 leaves.

31st Dec (Tue) Leave after work

1st Jan (Wed) Off

2nd Jan (Thurs) Apply leave

3rd Jan (Fri) Apply leave

4th Jan (Sat) Off

5th Jan (Sun) off

Wander Womaniya suggests Sri Lanka to kickstart your new year.

Checkout out our Sri Lanka itinerary below which you can also plan:

Holidays in February 2020:

Valentines day is falling on a friday but no long weekends as usual.

Here is the suggested plan:

13th night Overnight train/volvo to Udaipur/Jaisalmer

14th Apply leave

15th Saturday

16th Sunday and there is a long weekend in February (21st Feb - Maha Shivaratri/Shivaratri ), combine it with the weekend and you can explore Rajasthan or Gujarat. We suggest you a Udaipur trip with Kumbhalgarh fort (Also called as China wall of India).

Holidays in March 2020:

Kab hai holi? Holi kab hai? Yes we are fans of Gabbar but then we are longing for long weekend & the festival of colors gives us just what we want. So here is the plan:

7th March (Saturday) : Off

8th March (Sunday) : Off

9th March (Monday) : Apply Leave

10th March (Tuesday): Off

We suggest a beach destination like maybe Goa or Maldives as the winter hasn't yet gone and its not summer too.

Holidays in April 2020:

April has as many as 2 long weekends:

Long weekend 1

2nd Apr (Thurs) Ram Navmi

3rd Apr (Fri) Apply for leave

4th Apr (Saturday)

5th Apr (Sunday)

6th Apr (Mahavir Jayanti) , WanderWomaniya suggests a trip of Sikkim or simply any destination in the north eastern part of India like Meghalaya

Long weekend 2

10th Apr (Good friday)

11th Apr (Saturday)

12th Apr (Sunday) , WanderWomaniya recommends going to Himachal for people in North India or Matheran (Maharasthtra) (Any short weekend trip)

Holidays in May 2020:

May has as many as 2 long weekends:

Long weekend 1

7th May (Thurs) Buddha Purnima/Rabindranath Tagore birthday

8th May (Fri) Apply for leave

9th May (Saturday)

10th May (Sunday)

You might want to add an additional holiday on 6th May and fly to Ladakh to see the mesmerizing Himalayas

Long weekend 2

23rd May (Saturday)

24th May (Sunday)

25th May (Ramzan/ Id-ul-fitar) , WanderWomaniya recommends going to Himachal for people in North India or Matheran (Maharasthtra). Perfect for a short weekend getaway!!

Holidays in June 2020:

Oops, no results :(

No long weekends in June

Holidays in July 2020:

Oops, no results :(

No long weekends in July

Holidays in August 2020:

There is one Long weekend in August 2020, it technically starts in July.

31st Jul (Bakr Id / Eid Ul-Adha)

1st Aug (Saturday)

2nd Aug (Sunday)

3rd Aug (Rakshabandhan) This is the time when monsoon is in its full swing, Wander Womaniya recommends heading to Madhya Pradesh. There are some unexplored mesmerizing places in this lesser known beautiful state of India.

Holidays in September 2020:

Oops, no results :(

No long weekends in September

Holidays in October 2020:

2nd October (Gandhi Jayanti)

3rd October (Saturday)

4th October (Sunday)

Time to hit the beach in Bali or maybe just go for a weekend getaway

Holidays in November 2020:

28th Nov (Saturday)

29th Nov (Sunday)

30th Nov (Guru Nanak Jayanti)

Why not head to Phuket (Thailand) in november?

Holidays in December 2020:

Isn't December the best month ever, it always brings back the festive feels?

25th Dec Christmas

26th Dec Saturday

27th Dec Sunday

Brings us to to the end of this blog, did you find it useful? Do let us know. Cheers!!

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