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Girls Travelling Solo Experiences by Ila & Lalitha

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Lalitha - An incomplete solo trip

Girl traveling solo to Rajasthan - Wander Womaniya

I always had a dream of exploring new and fascinating places solo. Coming from a family where travelling solo is unheard of, the answer is always a big NO whenever I put forth the idea of travelling alone. Not only my family, many people consider travelling as expensive or waste of time. There are many legitimate fears and concerns about it. Even I'm scared of travelling alone but I feel travelling is best investment in yourself to experience the moments of pure emotions.  This time I decided to travel alone at any cost. I spend endless time on the internet, read many solo traveler blogs, made new friends on Facebook who also loves to travel and finally decide to visit Rajasthan. As usual no one agreed for my solo trip. I lied to my family, created a fictional best friend and started my journey to Rajasthan. Yes, I lied to my family because I was excited about traveling solo, by my own..just myself. I visited many places in Jaipur, got mesmerized with the heritage, culture and beauty of the pink city. Although everything was going smooth I returned from Rajasthan in between out of an unknown fear. Fear of being unsafe, fear of unfamiliar circumstances & fear of being overpowered. May be that time I failed to finish my trip, but I'll try again and this time I will overcome my fears. We all carry amazing dreams within ourselves. If we wait for others to validate your thoughts or worry about what others think about you, we will never be able to fulfill our dreams. Whatever others feel about you let them be, we just have one life to live! Lets travel girls without worrying about anything.

In this whole episode one person I have to thank is my husband. The Man behind my freedom, my courage and my invisible wings.

Ila - Road trip in Bhutan

My first solo trip was to Bhutan in December 2018.

Here is my memoir from the trip. "The most cherished memories are lived on the journey as you immerse into yourself more. Brimming in excitement and anxiety at the same time, I went on a road trip. At first, the thought of being all by myself began to energize me. Having ticked my bucket list, I was riding towards my seventh heaven. But as the trees started running at the speed of 4G, so did my mind. The mountains echoed and all my caged thoughts sprung open. Each 'why did this happen to me' started dancing wildly. I empathized with each picturesque location shouting to have been left behind. Bracing up my core, I held my head and hand outside the window, letting the winds kiss away all my scars.The expanse of the snow clad mountains numbed my whims and fancies . Milestone after milestone, I left each curse behind. I smiled my widest to each passer-by thinking it was destined to meet. I opened my wings and flew with the birds into nothingness. Gazing at the stars, I felt like a tiny peck to the universe. As the car geared to the top, I was ecstatic to have come a long way. I took my dream road and that had made all the difference. Capturing each moment, I had dived into myself. When I reached the destination, though it was a thrilling adventure, but I was rather sad.....because the journey both outside and inside me had ended. "

Checkout some more pictures of my first solo travel experience below:

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