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Did you follow your Informational hygiene amid Corona ka Rona?

Despite all of us sitting at our couches and trying to pass these lock down days with ease, there is something which is hanging like an albatross around our neck , this is something which is not easy to get rid of , because most of the time you are seeking it.

Yes, you are seeking it and you are even asking for it (as Pooja from Big Boss said),the albatross is nothing but the growing surge of stories and reports coming from media channels across the world, there is so much to learn, read and absorb for a commoner.

For anyone who’s morning begins with the cup of tea and big bold headline of the cover story , it becomes really difficult to digest the same old “Corona Ka Rona” every day ( I am sorry for being insensitive) but it comes from within since I have to deal with it every other day.

There is so much going around the world and everyone is facing misery, apart from the usual info-heavy, first 14 pages , the reader expects sports and entertainment section to have some lighter stories to make up for the misery in the air but the plight of the situation is that there isn't anything currently that gains media’s attention other than the disaster caused by SARS- CoV-2.

Recently, the WHO has also declared it as an ‘infodemic’ which literally means ‘An excessive amount of information concerning a problem such that the solution is made more difficult’, Global outbreak has left everyone wondering what may happen next , with multiple views coming from across the globe, so many elite people being infected with the contagious virus , everyone's eyes are glued to the coming updates.

From news channels to social media platforms or even your family whats-app group, Corona's omnipresence is ineluctable. It is surely necessary to stay updated but it shouldn't interfere with your psyche. Overdosing yourself with Corona updates will eventually take a toll on your mental health only. You are already dealing with a lot, changed lifestyle and then staying under a lock-down in the same place for a month under restrictions, 24 X 7 you are around the same set of people and their energies.It consumes a lot of effort internally for your body and mind to acclimatize with the adversities. One may not realize but unconsciously you have been putting your mind through added grinding and turmoil.

Supplementing it , the environment is filled with the announcement of deaths, soaring casualties globally and related negative stories, the already anxious and uncertain commoner is left with little or no energy to deal with the added stress.

Hence it is of utmost importance to maintain an Information Hygiene similar to Self hygiene,

It shouldn't be surprising that such times of crisis brings along gatecrashing media stories. Thus media attention cycles will try to force these stories down your throat! Apart from when the PM addresses the nation, mostly you already know important guidelines, so there is no point in feeding yourself with corona centric information. There is no need of troubling your gut by being addicted to the constant updates. Its unimportant to watch that futile TV debate where you see the same old blame game running and you are left to wonder, isn't it the same thing that you saw the other day.

Thus, seeking the gravity of the pandemic , one should keep sanitizing their mind too, to get rid off the odds. If i had to advice a information hygiene routine -

1.Read/Hear/ See the Corona related news only twice a day ( unless you are into media industry/civil servant) morning and prime time bulletin shall suffice.

2. Only follow news from reliable, credible sources, cross check from government websites.

3.Spend time reading more of the positive stories

4.Keep yourself away from drama and troll wars, it's better to stay away from controversies

5.Watch light stories or indulge yourself in some humor inflicting activities.

Thereby, let’s try to escape the media ruled cunning web and not allow the corona saturation to intensify our feeling of being trapped, deepen the trauma or amplify our anxieties.


Other than this,

There are possibilities that your daily dose of sadness and stress may transform into a coping up disorder or prolonged stress may cause depression, hence to protect oneself from it, administration has pointed out various helpline numbers and indicators that will help you to identify the stress and deal with it, through coping measures.

You can access the CDC ( Center for Disease control and Prevention) website here and check with measures given for different age groups and occupations, you will also be able to access expert advice on the website.

Center also has launched a toll free helpline with National institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) for tackling mental health issues amid lock down 08046110007 after they observed some behavioral, mental health issues.Read more about it here .

Thank you for reading this,i hope it helped.

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