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Why is Bali the best destination for an all girls trip & first solo trip

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Wanderlust on your mind ladies? Still trying to figure out a safe destination for travelling solo on an all girls trip ? Wander Womaniya has you covered for your next holiday, whether you are planning to go solo or with your girl gang.

We recommend Bali for all you wander-lusting women out there travelling alone for the first time, looking for their perfect first international solo trip!

We believe you’ve seen enough of Bali already through the eyes of umpteen number of travel bloggers with perfectly edited pictures. But there is much more to Bali which we will cover in this women's special blog. One of the best things about Bali, despite being a small island and relatively weak economy, is their rich culture and happiness, which is in abundance. Happiness is contagious girls!

Never Ending Adventure

Let us start with a piece of advise, go and experience this destination rather than You-Tubing it. Bali is most likely an advanced version of INDIA when it comes to religious sites, roads, people and culture. The traffic is similar too, roads are narrow, built like Goa, there is too much crowd everywhere.

Whereas when you spend time on the beach looking at the dipping sun dissolving slowly into the ocean you feel like everything is perfect and time should freeze.

As the sun sets Bali becomes the perfect party destination for girls travelling alone. You can enjoy beach parties, clubs or have a relaxing meal in a seaside cafe with the sound of waves hitting shores.

Whole of Bali feels like an advanced version of Goa at this time and we are not complaining.

Bali doesn't really feel like an international destination until you hit the beaches and the female friendly clubbing scenes. Yes you can wear or not wear whatever you want without getting those odd stares, lewd comments and last but not the least somebody trying to touch you inappropriately.

Some of the amazing clubs in Bali we would like to recommend for girls travelling solo:

La Favela - Open until late, the music the crowd the vibe of this place is simply awesome. A little uneasy on the pocket as the drinks cost high but well its a premium club.

Motel Mexicola - This place is a casual dining until 7 and slowly starts changing gears and turns into a happening party place which is open until midnight. The food & beer is cheap and tasty! Music is mix of Spanish, Mexican and billboard party anthems. All in all great to get in the groove.

Potato Head Beach Club - Want to flaunt a bikini on an all girls trip? This is your best bet, Potato head beach club is an elite cultural hub. It attracts all the foreign elite socialites who visit Bali. This one is open all day. You can lounge in the pool while sipping on your Pina Colada or Long Island Iced Tea

Every Sort of Natural Beauty: Answers to All Seekers

Bali is divided into 2 major parts which are: Kuta & Ubud

KUTA, the southern portion famous for party destinations and water sports

UBUD, which you might have seen in Julia Roberts “Eat, Pray, Love” which is famous for lush greenery, rice farms, coffee, adventurous activities like ATV rides, rafting, famous “Bali swing” and what not is a perfect solo travel destination or for your girl gang vacation.

Although, there is more to Bali such as Nusa Penida which is highly popular among women travelling groups. It is located on another island and ferries are available to reach there. It's a must visit place and you’ll be in awe after witnessing the beauty of it.

Lively Religious Scenes

You’ll fall in love with Bali and would want to visit again as every place, every beach, every restaurant will give you different vibe from another. The culture in Bali is religiously and spiritually rich, with so many beautifully carved temples. Did we tell you Bali is predominantly a country which follows Hinduism.

Did Someone Say Shopping?

Ok, so bargaining is the key here. There are endless things to buy, be it handmade souvenirs, traditional to stylish dresses, bags, accessories, hats etc. To get the better and cheap prices try to go out in the morning hours as the shopkeepers will be ready to lower the prices but make sure to do your research & math first as you’ll be in shock to hear the prices first which will be like 1 lakh for a bag but that’s their currency.

1 INR ~ 200/220 Indonesian rupees. Haha yes, everybody is billionaire in Bali, need another reason to go to Bali? All you divas looking for shopping sojourn you must choose Bali as your first solo trip.

You’re Still Here. Book yourself a ticket to Bali!

It’s never enough whether you’re in Bali for a week or month it’ll never be enough, but we must bid adieu. So, let’s make the best out of it and our suggestion will be after a long flight you don’t want to travel another couple of hours on the road all the way from airport to another side on Bali which is Ubud. Hence, start your journey from Kuta to Ubud covering all the important destinations when you have handful days in Bali.

Written by Rishabh Garg

Edited by Anuj

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Photo taken at Tanjung water sports on women travel group arranged in February 2020
File picture - All Girls Trip in February 2020

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