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Age Is Just A Number For Avinash Mada – Owner Of IG Accelerators

While we are narrating the importance of Jazbaa – E – Bharat, we have to give light on this young kid from a small town named Eluru in Andhra Pradesh. This kid named Avinash Mada is an inspiration for the younger generation of our nation.

Today, at 19, he earned crores of net worth, which he earlier might have never thought of. He is the true example of the made-in-India and vocal for local campaigns.

So what’s his story?

He is just a normal student studying B. Tech in Computer Engineering from a renowned university called Lovely Professional University.

A few years back, out of hobby and curiosity, he created a MEME page on Instagram. He wanted to entertain people like his close friends. But he never knew that the brand would catch the attention of the leading brands or start-ups.

He started getting orders for paid sponsorship and advertising campaigns for the organic following on his page. All that was possible because he was able to connect with the audience that loved his content online.

At such a young age, when his friends have been playing games, thinking of their future, or maybe merely time passing on the internet, this young boy, Avinash, started to earn money from his smart work on the Instagram page.

Later on, given his knowledge and expertise on Instagram’s organic following boost, he opened his start-up consultancy called IG Accelerators. Through his venture, he helps local Indian brands and influencers gain the organic reach as much as possible.

Stats stated that within ten months of opening his start-up, he already bagged more than crore rupees of the revenue!

What he does now with IG Accelerators?

He has worked up the ladder for his clients. He helped many of his clients to earn more than 100K dollars and 80-90k followers on Instagram, entirely organically within 4-6 months. His main company, IG Empires, has been featured by leading newspapers of India. For example, Indian Express and Times of India.

Why is he the perfect example for others in India?

We consider him one of the best examples under the Jazbaa – E – Bharat campaign because he is a kid who inspires others out there. Kids of his age can learn to use their sharp mind and earn as much money or revenue as possible if they know how branding and marketing can help other Indian brands to grow organically.

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