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10 Essential Travel Hacks for Girls who Travel Solo

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

I could have never imagined myself travelling without my parents for many many years until I joined college where I was alone for everything and everywhere I went. That taught me a lot about how to look after myself. Unlike Australian or American females most Indian women are still not very confident about travelling solo.

Solo Female Travelling has been increasing the past few years and we will surely see a rise in numbers as more & more girls decide to live on our terms.

Utter precautions should be taken for girls only adventure or a solo girl trip. Security and Safety is something we should be following even when taking a walk in our neighborhood, supermarket or going out of town. I have been following these tips since I came out of my home.

#1 Plan your travel ahead of time

Planning is essential for you to have the best experience and I am sure we girls love fantasizing trips and pre-plan accommodation, rentals, restaurants, sightseeing etc. Pre-planning saves your time - no need to worry at the 11th hour, gives you hassle-free relaxation which is often your main goal for taking a trip. Planning well in advance may also get you discounts and who doesn’t want a budget-friendly getaway. Also, plan how you will manage your trip, how much cash to carry, research on locations near by your hotel etc. Better to keep a vacation planner if you are too busy. So, ladies let’s plan ahead of time. You can always rely on Travel blogs for women by Wander Womaniya

#2 Find safe places - Do your own research

Choose wisely, when it comes to solo traveling. Don’t get anxious…Spare some time, do a google search, and watch out for places that are safe for girls.

Check with travel advisors, consult the cordial agents at wanderwomaniya who can help you with queries on your safety and security.

When traveling abroad, the search must have a list of countries that are recommended for girls, for example- Bali is considered one of the safest places. Contrary, there are some places that are rarely visited by solo girl travelers. You do have to consider places that are approved, loved, tested, and tried already.

#3 Must have - a portable charger

It was last summer in Florida when I was on a short evening walk in the city park. I freaked out when I saw my phone lady was dead :( leaving me with no sense of direction. OMG! I wanted to call uber but damn! I couldn’t.

My family also stressed as I couldn’t inform them about my location.

It is best advised to carry a power bank wherever you go to new cities or countries. You can charge your phone lady anywhere along with charging yourself. You can find reasonable prices here portable+charger

#4 Do Not Stack your money and IDs together

You must keep photocopies of your valuable IDs and originals separately. Try to store money in multiple bags [Ex. Small purse, cross-bag/side purse, suitcase, etc.] to avoid theft as, in 2017 my colleague's hand purse was stolen in Paris, Eiffel Tower.

Be aware of pickpockets in public and transports. My grandma gave this pro tip to me - to also store money in bra pouches. For reference, Hidden-Bra-Wallet.

This way, if one of your cards or purse is lost or stolen, then you’ll always have some emergency backup cash. Carry at least two bank debit/credit cards, if one card gets blocked or broken, you will have another. The same applies to your Identity proofs. Make sure to check your IDs occasionally.

#5 Look after yourself OR Be ready for unwelcomed hiccups

Be it local food or water, our bodies try to adjust to new environments. You do not want new bacterias to spoil your stomach or your travel. Carry any prescription medicines or vitamins you are used to taking, make sure that you bring enough to cover your trip and more in case your stay gets extended for any reason.

You should include regular breaks, take a short nap, relax for a while then start again. Your health is crucial after all so, eat healthy fruits and vegetables. Hydrate yourself with plenty of water.

PS. Fruits are the safest food options if you are unsure of what to eat.

#6 Apps that can be handy when traveling

Believe me, Girl you can’t afford to get lost while traveling alone. We often face issues like mobile data over [50% used...99% used...] No wifi... No connectivity...etc. You can always use Google Maps offline if you pre-download it at the hotel or even before.

I met a foreigner at Jaipur’s local market who was buying handmade shoes. I was surprised at her prompt response towards the local vendor. Curiously I asked her, have you been in Jaipur city for long. She sweetly replied, “No, I use apps to communicate”. She was using a translator app, currency converter app, and some travel guides of the city online.

She mentioned that a GPS tracker led her to this market and she was going to try the best local food at a traditional restaurant. Now, that’s called a complete travel enthusiast.

#7 Pack smart and less

Deciding what to pack and what not can be daunting! But being properly equipped outdoors is one less tension to tackle. I always carry a neck pillow for my journeys. A Stole or scarf to save me at religious places or to cover up in crowds.

Emergency contact details, non- perishable food items for my hungry tummy, lock, and keys for extra security while I am asleep. Basically write down a list of your essentials and pack accordingly - The feeling that Oh! I miss my cute flip flops on the beach, it’s depressing.

I also learned to have a fallback plan from my roommate as she always carries an extra pair of essentials, just in case your flight’s delayed or something else happens. Better be prepared, is her trademark statement.

We have a full packing guide for females travelling solo! Check it out!!

#8 Party like an animal - NO way!

Vacation mode, yay! But problems are inevitable... I was reading this news the other day that a girl was drunk on a beautiful tropical island with white sand beaches and went missing the next day. It's scary, right? The worse is you really can’t figure out who is bad and who is good.

What can girls do: Do not accept drinks from strangers. Do not walk alone to the hotel/guest house at night. Do not blindly trust anyone, especially charming boys offering free service. I always buy my bottle of packed water or food because it's my moment of enjoyment and I will not let anyone ruin it.

#9 Always be alert and read local instructions

Taking calculated risks is something we must keep in mind while traveling. Watch your moves and trust your instincts. Avoid any heated conversation when traveling, if that can be ignored that’s better for you. Trust locals when they say, “Can be dangerous ahead….OR Road is blocked/ under construction…. Or the crime rate is high here[RED Flag] etc.”

Carefully read road instructions while driving and avoid using headphones when alone.

Take as many selfies you want but don’t try to be too exceptional. You do wanna return and share your marvelous experience with friends and family, right?

#10 Get Travel Insurance [A must when traveling abroad]

I want you to have a perfect trip hence, buying travel insurance is a must. This will protect you against damages if any, like baggage loss, flights delayed, emergency evacuation, natural disasters, etc. After all, you are not shatterproof and may have accidents, hospitalization, or unpredictable medical emergencies.

Buying travel insurance isn’t fancy but doesn’t have to be cheap. Research and compare online for few travel insurance providers and get one that’s appropriate. Ensure to read insurance policy details and buy before you start your trip. Please check and compare these mentioned below C&F Travel Insured International worldnomads or roamright

The main idea is that we can always prevent a mishap only if we are cautious. Also, it’s extremely important to remember that our safety and health is far more important than tangible possessions.

Wander Womaniya understands that sharing is caring. Therefore, go girl!

* Gain that confidence and visualize your dream trip.

* Know your rights and explore travel strengths.

* Rediscover yourself.

* Have safe tripping.

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