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Two girls traveling alone to Spiti Valley

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Some of you might say "you had company" "you were not alone" but well this is Spiti we are talking about, it humbles you. No words can truly describe Spiti experience but here I am trying my bit!

My friend and I embarked on an only girls trip to Spiti Valley some months back, I am penning this blog to share my experience of the thrilling girls only road-trip we experienced together (both being girls) and the kind of tough situations we came across. The beauty of this place is mesmerizing but its not a cakewalk! Traveling to Spiti valley being a girl surely was not a walk in the park.

Wander Womaniya had this trip for both us female solo travelers, it was well customized to suit our requirements. We had a pick up from Chandigarh Airport and from here the journey began towards Sarahan, enroute Shimla. I very well remember, the day starting off as sunny, transforming to cool, breezy and rainy slowly and gradually. Once we crossed Kullu, the downpour began and it was already late evening by then.

We soon found out that the usual route for traveling groups to Sarahan was destroyed due to heavy rainfall in the region, we had to take the alternate route which was the only option we were left with. Winding up and through the valleys and the mountain on kachha raasta. The day light and network left our aid, there was no soul ahead or behind, the lightening struck again and again to make matters worse while we were quite unsure if were on the correct route.

Hum do ladkiya us sunsaan pahad par Aur woh akela driver Aur kadakti hui bijli Aur woh gehra khamosh andhera!!!! Hahahahaa, I don’t mean to scare the readers, but that’s how the first girly trip commenced for me!!!

We managed to reach our home-stay at midnight that day and we knew that our driver arranged by Wander Womaniya was decent gentleman and very trustworthy.

This first day only strengthened our spirits and boosted our confidence to move ahead in the journey and face any challenges that was awaiting us ahead. Thus ,we paved our way to Spiti valley en route Sangla - Chitkul - Kalpa - Tabo - Kaza - Losar - Chandertal - Manali. Every place mentioned has its own beauty and topography, so mystic, unique and incomparable. I’ve been to Ladakh and had heard of Spiti being similar to Ladakh but, no Spiti is mysterious and different in every turn you take.

The landscape, the people, the food, the culture, the warmth everything is beautiful and incomparable to anywhere in the World at-least I feel so. It’s not nonchalant in any manner, If none of these interest you, the tranquility of the valley definitely will!!

On our final day towards Manali, we came across rough roads..... mind you, these are huge stones and if you are stuck it’s not that easy to pass through unless your vehicle is a good SUV or a truck. Ours was a humble Mahindra KUV and as the fate would have it we got stuck twice, unsure of whether we would we able to make our way ahead low key scared we would be stuck here for the rest of our lives however driver arranged by Wander Womaniya (Rishabh Sharma) managed to get us safely out of that as well! Hats off to his driving skills!!!

Free ki advice :P *If its your first time to Spiti dont get too adventurous to drive yourself, take an accustomed professional driver along*

This journey made me courageous towards more women trips and facing any situation whatsoever that too on a land which is unknown & largely uninhibited. Your patience will be tested & only trust and faith can keep you going because you happen to face obstacles which are alien to you! Irrespective I am still in awe of Spiti & will come back again & again for you never know what challenges you may come across in this cold desert in the Himalayas.

This blog was contributed by Miss Devika (from Mumbai ) who accompanied us on Spiti trip in the month of September, 2018.

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