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Top series to watch during lock-down with FAMILY

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

We all have our favorite titles & genres when it comes to binge watch online but well the Janta curfew or social distancing a new challenge has cropped up. All of a sudden your parents, cousins, close family is super interested to Netflix & chill with you and suddenly you realize there are enough cuss words even in family man. Family man was probably the first series which comes to your mind in this crisis moment. Take our advice don't try it with family you will be left red faced more often than not unless you belong to a super cool Punjabi family where you share tikke shikke and daaru openly.

So here goes our safe binge watch list for watching with the family:

1) What the folks

What the folks is a light comedy dealing with challenges faced by a newly married couple who happen to be so much in love. It has three seasons and all are available on YouTube.

2) Cheesecake

Cheesecake (Starring Jeetu) is about a couple who love each other but are facing issues with their relationship, might not sound perfect for watching with family but well you would not really regret it. The solution to their problem is indeed very cute and heart warming. It is available on MX player for free.

3) Rise

Rise (starring Vikrant Massey) is about a corporate employee like all of us who is extremely passionate about bikes and eventually he purchases one after saving for a long time but on installments. Yes things go wrong but its about how he copes up. You can watch it on YouTube courtesy Ultra shorts.

4) Messiah

Messiah is about a mystery man who is apparently leading worldwide protests and is believed to possess super powers. It is an american show starring Mehdi Dehbi, it will keep you and your family hooked and keep guessing until the very end. Available on Netflix

5) Breathe

Breathe is about a loving father doing everything to save the life of his dying son. It is touching and has the required amount of thrill to give you the chills. It raises a serious question "How far will you go to save your loved ones". R. Madhavan probably gives the best performance of his life after RHTDM & Tanu Weds Manu. Available on Amazon Prime

6) Kota factory

Kota factory is about the engineering hotspot of India, its a comical sattire by TVF which you can enjoy with your family. Available on TVF and Youtube.

7) Home sweet office

Home sweet office is about two friends cum cousins who work as wedding planners. Its a cute short series again pretty safe to watch to watch with the family. You can watch this series by dice media directly on YouTube.

8) The Forgotten Army

The forgotten army is about the Indian National Army which was formed by Netaji Subhash Bose to fight for India's freedom without much support from anywhere, this is a wonderfully curated series with unsaid story about 60,000 odd soldiers who were never rewarded for the hardships they faced for the love of independence. Watch it on Amazon

9) Afsos

Afsos is a dark comedy. Dark not because it has any objectionable content but because it deals with the issue of death or euthanasia. Gulshan Devaiah nails thisone with utmost ease and his comic timing is totally worth a watch. Available on Amazon.

10) Aam Aadmi Family

The name says it all doesn't it? Watch it on TVF play provided by The timeliners. The series has 3 seasons and are perfect to binge watch with the family.

11) Panchayat

Panchayat stars our very own Jeetu in lead, it is a political satire packed with some powerful actors & performances. With 8 episodes spanning a watch time of about 4 hours this light comedy is perfect to binge watch with parents during lock down.

The above list is not in any particular order, and these are recommended specially for watching with the family.

Stay safe, Stay indoors. Support Janta curfew, spend time with family. Lets fight Corona-virus / Covid-19 together.

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