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This Indian Airline makes flying a delight for solo female travellers

How many times has it happened that you end up in a middle seat between two men,quite uncomfortable right? Have you ever regretted not carrying an extra sanitary pad? or just wanted a window seat to see the views but don't feel like a premium fare over & above the existing fare.

Vistara offers a free seat selection for solo female traveler, yes you can actually choose any available aisle or window seat without paying any premium for seat selection if you are a women traveller flying solo on Vistara.

#VistaraWomanFlyer : An industry-first service designed for women travellers. Tata SIA Airlines or Vistara is one of the rare airline which understands the pain of a woman solo traveller & has come with up with an amazing initiative under Vistara Women Flyer programme.

7 unique benefits for Women Passengers flying Vistara Airlines:
  1. Female passengers traveling alone can enjoy special baggage and transport assistance on arrival, completely free of cost.

  2. Female passengers can pre-select their preferred seat during booking, after booking (through the ‘manage my booking’ feature) as well as during web check-in.

  3. If you forgot to pre-book a seat, you just have to mention that you are travelling alone at the baggage counter while collecting your boarding card and if there is a vacant aisle / window seat you can avail it.

  4. Special assistance with luggage

  5. Help with booking of airport authorized taxis

  6. Vistara also provides sanitary pads on board to solo women travellers on request

  7. The pads are ISO 9001:2015 certified, bio-degradable and organic sanitary napkins made from plant-based fibers which is free of plastic, toxins and perfume.

  8. Recognizing the need for this essential amenity, Vistara has introduced this service to assure women travellers a comfortable flying experience every time they fly Vistara.

Team Wander Womaniya recommends you book a Vistara whenever flying solo, not to mention Vistara is backed by Tata group which is one of the most reputed businesses of India.

Terms and Conditions

  • This is an optional complimentary service for female customers travelling alone or with children on a Vistara flight.

  • Vistara staff will be present at the baggage claim area for all arriving flights, holding a “#VistaraWomanFlyer Assistance” placard. Please approach them for any assistance required.

  • The service includes (i) luggage assistance upon arrival (ii) escorting the customer till the taxi stand (iii) arranging a taxi from the airport authorized taxi providers at the arrival/connecting station.

  • The taxi fare must be borne by the customer herself.

  • Vistara forgoes any responsibility/liability once the customer exits the airport premises.

  • Please note that while arrival assistance will only be provided on our domestic sectors, preferred seat selection is applicable for both domestic and International routes. 

  • Please note that this service is applicable for travel within India only.

Do you know about Club Vistara? Let us know in comments.

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