Rise of Women Travel Groups & exclusive travel groups for women

Updated: May 1, 2020

Traditionally when you spoke about a travel company it used to be some grumpy shopkeeper who would help you with confirmed tickets for airlines, train reservations, hotels, complete packages, cars on hire etc.

A traditional travel agent office

This changed to a large extent with the coming of Online travel agents like Make my trip , Goibibo, Expedia, Booking.com & Agoda to name a few. But that wasn't the end of innovation, then companies like Cox & Kings, Thomas cook made merry by arranging group trips. They introduced the concept of of join-in groups where anybody could join an existing travel plan but there was a problem; they catered mainly to couples or a minimum of two people traveling together. What if you want to join solo but be ensured about your safety, security & having a fun time? Enter Women Travel Groups!

Women Travel Group by Wander Womaniya

United States (North America) and India happen to be the biggest markets as far as Women travel Groups are concerned followed by Australia and other countries.

Women Travel Groups have become a global phenomenon. Exclusive Women Trips is already a million dollar industry and is continuously growing at a steady pace due to the unique experiences and companionship being offered. In the age social media we all have thousand's of friends connected to us on Instagram, Facebook & Snap-chat but how many are your real friends? Travelling with like minded girls / women through such traveling groups for women offers you a chance to meet new people and make friends for a lifetime.

There has been an increase of almost 230% in the number of companies offering exclusive women travel groups in the past six years across the world.

It is not very easy for a woman to travel alone to not just in India but around the world, due to increased number of cases of violence and eve teasing and many unwanted advances. Women face obstacles at each & every step; Women Travel Groups however offer a respite for solo women travelers. You can now be yourself, dress the way you want without being judged, without the fear of being dressed inappropriately, without having to stop yourself from speaking your mind or bringing out the carefree child in you.

Read on!

The market for exclusive women travel is a whopping $19 trillion an year! A study confirms that over 65% of women have either traveled solo or are planning to take a solo trip soon. USA certainly tops the list but the trend is growing and there are women travel companies mushrooming even in middle eastern nations like United Arab Emirates. For example The world at her Feet is based out of Dubai and is bringing about a change in the lives of women across middle eastern nations. This company caters to a lot of female travelers from countries which are traditionally known to be hostile towards women. This is a win-win for both feminists & women empowerment enthusiasts.

The year 2019 has seen a huge interest in catering to female travelers who are in search of sisterhood with over 400% increase in women-only tour packages in last three years. There are many women who wish to try solo travelling and these women travel groups have helped in more & more women to live their long cherished desire. We are now seeing more women wanting to travel solo, experience the very essence of a place instead of continuing to act as a mother / sister / daughter / wife or girl friend. Women are no longer afraid to get out & explore the world themselves.

There are many travel groups which have come up in recent years offering women-only tours.

But, did you ever think what can be the difference between conventional travel groups and women travel groups?

Well, the latter ones cater to females; only females. They offer customized tours for women keeping in mind different needs of girls travelling solo. The accommodations, transportation, activities, third party vendors like drivers; the complete itinerary is tweaked to ensure safety, security & fun element from a female perspective. Generally, there is no age barrier but one should be fit to travel and take an active part in all the activities mentioned in the specially curated itinerary.

Generally, exclusive women travel groups are run by women, the employees are women and there is female friend cum guide. Women travel groups & Women's special tour companies have opened new job opportunities for females all around the world. These groups are a paradise for solo female travelers who are looking for thrill and companionship. The women travel groups also cater to the special needs of the solo travelers which we generally don't see in conventional travel groups. Safety being the biggest concern of this century is their top most priority. These women travel groups make their itinerary keeping in mind the security issues of a place and the amenities being provided in that place.

Solo traveling for girls in India, which is infamous for its crimes against women, is now possible and can be seen in almost every solo female travelers' bucket list due to the rise of Women-only travel groups. Trips to such places are curated in such a way that the women are not only safe, but also enjoy every moment while they are on their solo expedition.

This trend has also given rise to specialized world travel planner who specialize in women travelers.

Women-Only travel groups have not only eased travelling for women, but also have liberated them from the shackles of biased perception of the society.

And the best part? You have your own girls gang with whom you can have all the fun in the world, they are your secret keepers, and, they make you understand the real meaning of sisterhood.

Women Only Travel groups have never left any stone un-turned in making sure that you girls are having a blast! Still not convinced? ¡No problema!

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