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No Women are not great!

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

You heard it, no women are not great, why? Just read this message which was forwarded to one of the whats-app groups I am forcefully added to and cannot delete:

"Greatness of Woman!

WOMAN - (Married)

● changes her surname👰

● changes her home🏡

● leaves her family👴👵👱

● leaves her tradition🎎

● moves in with you💑

● builds a home with you🏠

● gets pregnant for you 🚶🏽‍♀

● pregnancy changes her body

● she gets fat🏃

● almost gives up in the labor room due to the🍼 unbearable pain of child birth

● even the kids she delivers bear your name👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Till the day she dies... everything she does... cooking🍲, cleaning your house, taking care of your parents👵, bringing up your children, earning💰, advising you, ensuring you can be relaxed, maintaining all your family relations👳🏽‍♀👳🙅🏽🙅🏽‍♂, everything that benefit you🚙🏍..... sometimes at the cost of her own health💉, hobbies and beauty.💆💇💅🏽

So who is really doing whom a favor?��

Dear men☝, appreciate the women in your lives always,

because it is not easy to be a woman.

*Being a woman is priceless*

Happy women's week! 💅🏽💃

Pass this to every woman in your contact to make her feel proud of herself.

Rock the world ladies!

A salute to ladies!🙋🏽







Pass to every man👨 to know the value of women👩

Pass to every woman to feel proud💁🏻💃!

Bless you strong woman👸!"

Appears to be a very pro-women message to you? Not to me!

What is greatness? Define what makes anybody great. The oxford definition of 'great' says:

Of ability, quality, or eminence considerably above average

Again, why do we call women great? Because they make sacrifices? Conceive? Leave their identity? Leave their parents? Please tell me if she is given a choice to say no?

What makes Einstein great? Was he forced or expected to define gravity?

What makes a soldier great? Joining the army and fighting for the country is a choice they make, it is not imposed on them. Even during the war they have the option of either switching to the winning side or flee the battleground but they stay and fight it out for their nation. That makes them great.

My problem is before telling women that they are great on 8th March every year or Mother's Day ask them, "If they want to be great?" Do they want to get married? Do they want to leave their parents or their job? Do they want to live according to you? Do they want to go through the labor pain? The questions are plenty but more often never asked.

Any girl turning 25 is expected to get married as soon as possible, her dreams/passions are just not relevant.

Giving birth is a super power women are gifted with and no matter what a man does, he cannot have this superpower, it's about time that we not only respect it but give them a choice to say no. To say no I don't want to be great. Very convenient right? Call them great and keep on exploiting them in the name of being strong and other fancy adjectives.

Also trying to scare your daughters that they would die alone if hey don't get married or don't have children is indeed illogical. Please let her decide what she wants before you impose your personal aspirations guided by societal expectations.

Let women choose marriage; if they want children; how many children; their own or adopted; children or pets; irrespective of what they choose respect them along with their imperfections, decisions and choices.

All views are my own, anybody who differs from my thought feel free to drop a comment. Always up for a conversation.

Happy Women's Day!!


Edited by: Shubhangi Singh

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1 Comment

Surbhi Sharma
Surbhi Sharma
Sep 01, 2022

Wow. Absolutely love this. It takes a good deal of empathy to understand pov of people not belonging to your gender, religious and racial groups.

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