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My first solo travel experience with a Women Travel Group

Updated: May 17, 2021

The idea of travel had been bubbling in my mind since I was a college-going teenager. Hitting my early 20's, I was bombarded with so many things from my career, followed by fulfilling my bucket list. Like any other girl, I was not alone. I was so passionate about travel that at once, I even thought about applying for cabin crew.

But destiny had a different fate for me. I planned my first trip to Chandigarh. Thereafter, I did not miss any single opportunity and tagged along and bumped into any travel plan that existed. My dad had a conference at Shimla, and I went along with him. I even bawled unabashedly and finally made my way.

Thereafter, life happened, and I got my first job as an SEO executive and content writer. Although I had made all my travel plans, a steep downfall came in, and the coronavirus pandemic caught 2020. Like everyone else, for 8 months, I was too, locked up in my house all by myself. It was indeed a formidable period for everyone. More than myself, I was so worried about my parents. The pandemic was at an uphill. Even my brother flew away to Mumbai for his new job. I told myself this is enough, and I am stepping out of the house now.

With a few apprehensions and confusion, I texted Anuj, the founder of Wander Womaniya. It was in my mind for so long, but I was holding myself back. It was only 3 days left for the 31st night! I was jittery and was giggling at the same time. I kept Anuj on hold till the last minute and finally made the payment after my office meeting got over. But he is such a sweet and cooperative person, he waited until the last day!

The mountains are calling, and I must go- John Muir.

I do have a deep connection with the Himalayas. This is the second time I am travelling to Himachal Pradesh.

Siyo aur Piyo ki Shagun

My parents stay with me. They accompany me everywhere. My dad sings this song for me at night, Kuchi Kuchi Rakma, and so I come and position myself in between my siyo and piyo. (siyo is my dad, and piyo is my mum). My dad is a traditionalist whereas, my mom is still more understandable. My dad initially pondered upon and became benevolent to send his obstinate daughter to the trip.

Anuj being Anuj

Well, I would like to quote a few lines about Anuj. Of course, I interacted with him during the journey, and then I came to know about his creative ideas behind the launch of Wander Womaniya. It is rightly said that once you yourself go through something, then only you can understand the same. So, while chatting with Anuj, I came to know about his little sister. Anuj is a mature and well-informed guy. Also, he is a graduate from Delhi University and has worked with Oberoi hotels, Leela hotels, and Emirates groups before starting Wander Womaniya. Living in a patriarchal society with the woman's safety being on gravity, it becomes hard for many women to live their lives at its fullest. But Anuj, with all his potential and keeping every minute thing about safety, security and hygiene in his mind, bravely came up with Wander Womaniya.

To The Himalayas, Once Again!

It was really nice meeting him. At first glance, I could observe everything. Anuj warmly greeted and met everyone. All the families of all ladies were resting assured that our girls are safe. After a long wait, finally, the car arrived. I was excited, and we all were all set to travel!

Perks Of Travelling With Me

I do get an inherent satisfaction by traveling solo and truly being myself. Well, I am an ambivert by nature, so I am good at either way. I still remember how I had eaten up Anuj's head by giving him so many calls before the trip. But Anuj being quite cool and responsible at the same time, did give rein to all of us and also pampered a lot!

"Please get the laptop."

"Won't it be cold?"

"It will be safe in covid times naaah?"

"Please can I get my own room"

And so on…….

Room-mate Romcom

I was terrified with the thought of sharing my room with some other girl. But, it turned out to be the opposite of what I thought. Guess who my roommate was? It was none other than Parveen Ji, the one and only patakka of the trip.

Miss Parveen is 50 yrs old, and she is such a rocking lady. She considered me as her adopted daughter. I had spent the majority of my time with her both as my bus partner and room-partner. She was insouciant and carefree throughout the whole trip. I highly appreciate her. We made a bond within a few hours of the trip itself. I am a girl who is known to be frozen to the bone. My roommate's long stretched blanket protected me from the freezing cold. It was dark, and everyone else was slowly shrugging off. However, we two would keep on gossiping and chit-chatting.

Miss Parveen Ji reflected on the importance of physical health and shared what is it like being a strong and empowered woman. She is into dance, aerobics, self-defence, and yoga. She even showed off with her moves. All of you must have a glance through her dance once. I was the youngest in the group, and she was the most senior and active person in the group.

My roomie - Miss Praveen Ji

On the way, we stopped at Murthal Dhaba and rejoiced at the food. As the day came to an end, slowly the sunrise crept in and I blinked my eyes with a beautiful nature-driven scene visible from the exteriors of the window. There were lush mountains, steep roads, gurgling water streams, and small houses situated at the edge of the quaint village of Himachal. A well-planned road trip is a pulchritudinous itinerary I have ever seen. Finally, we arrived at our place!

Day 1 - On our way to Khanag

We had crossed Shimla, Narkanda, and reached our final destination Khanag. Khanag is a beautiful, scheduled place on the outskirts of the city. We all had put down our luggage at The Vinshar Cottage. I always like to seat my back at a place of solace instead of cheap hotels. A privately owned cottage is the best deal. The cottage was warm and cosy, and there was enough space. It was a beautiful moment when I sipped my chai while gazing at the view and witness the greeny surrounded all over. There were also walking dogs over the field and they were fluffy and adorable. I almost felt like packing one of them back t my home.

Cottage Sweet Cottage

The first time I saw the cottage, I knew I was home. I tugged off my belongingness and immediately jumped into the bed. I had a goofy smile on my face while I was checking out the place. I loved the entire set-up and built up of the building. From the old fashioned light switches to the wooden door, I loved them all! The interesting part was that I had to climb over the wooden beam each time I moved to the open-air floor. Metaphorically speaking, the place had vibes of warmth, comfort, and contentment and people around. I love that this place has found a story found by our group.

Leaving '20 Behind

It was almost evening. All of us were tired and sloppy, yet we were high spirited because of new year eve. After a long travel, we all girls were well placed into our rooms and were getting ready as paparazzi favourite party girls.

2020 was an unusual year. We all are done with it and awaiting a positive ray of hope into our lives. A good mood and light all over along with a bonfire is the best way to party. Also, as the winter season is on and the cold waves are flowing, the fire-heat will keep everyone warm.

The Party Is On!

A party is incomplete without good food and drinks. We were served with Veggie Tray Bake and Sausages, jacket potatoes, and pear chips. On the topping, a party is a perfect time for you to heat your alcohol. Trust me; this is your time; let people judge who they are judging. Be in your flow and live in the moment. Well, this is what I did. Getting a mulled wine is best for chilling at a cold party night. I had tried some vodka. I did take a few pegs, yet I was not drunk enough. Besides that, we formed a good circle in which we were talking, singing, and chilling. We all started talking and playing a round of some games to test and know each other. It was nice and fun. Having daru in the mountains is altogether a different kind of feeling.

Drunk Stories

Getting drunk is a part of our culture, and it is socially acceptable nowadays. Do you recall what were the weird things you did after you got drunk? You can share it in the comment below. Generally, when we drink, we get high on mood. I can list down some of the things that people generally do:

  • The first one is sleeping or being risque (naughty)

  • Some might call off their ex and burst out all the frustration. Our emotions get elevated; this one is so true. I also called my parents and a few of my friends.

  • Well, this may seem nasty. People throw up. At least once in life, everyone has gone through this, and it is completely okay. But, you need to be careful and you must know your appetite and take slower slips and enjoy the rhythm.

  • Some people also confess their love for the other or may even befriend a stranger. All in total, there is utter silence, and the person is highlighted. No offence, no judgment, this is your life, and you own every bit of yours— no need to feel low because of any other person.

Work Work Work

You guys won't believe what I did post the party. I LITERALLY STARTED WORKING!!! Yeah, I was writing content, and I was completing my projects. This might sound fanatical. But this is the truth, I write when I feel low, I write when I am happy. Writing is my best friend!

"Stay with me, don't go anywhere. I know it is long, but I don't want to miss any single moment. The night is not over, Abhi!"

Back to my Room - Shagun, Praveen Ji, Anuj and the Blanket Story

Poor Anuj! His room was positioned next to us. Good for us, but not so good for him! I need to tell you this story. On the whole trip, I was labelled as "Kambal Chor"! Now, keep your ears open and hear out that the pair of the youngest and most senior can go wanky, at times. I was working in Anuj's room because my roommate fell asleep. Anuj was chilling downstairs with others, so I used his space for some time to work. It was almost 1 pm when Anuj returned. It was a little awkward. Where shall I go now? My roommate is sleeping, and Anuj had also folded the blanket to the top of his face. I stood up and left. I tried to work further, but it was not working out as I was concerned about the people around me. I dozed off too. My roommate was awake, and we both hugged each other and were shouting out so loud as we are feeling so cold.

You guys cannot control your laughter after hearing what next happened. Miss Parveen took away the extra blanket kept on Anuj's bed. It was super funny. All this while, it seemed as if I was the one who stole the blanket. Like no, I am a decent girl?! I don't steal other things!

But, shags (Shagun) is a hard-working girl. I had a deadline and had to submit my work. I woke up early in the morning and started day 1 of January with my work. I am feeling proud of myself. This lazy bean girl, whose mother is after her, took a bath in the chilling cold of the Himalayas. This is how my morning seemed.

Day 2 - Visit to Khanag Secret Waterfalls

Finally, the morning started. Welcome 2021, Jan 1. We went on trekking. I was pumped up for sure. But, my shoes weren't right. Oops, I could not climb up to the top. I could hear a little buffer from the back like, "Shagun, your mom did not pack your shoes". Ignore and chill and move on; that is what I did and climbed up. I rested for a while, and that was cool. We all were all set to visit Khanag waterfall. The best part I liked about the whole trip was the road drive. It was a 360 view from all angels I could see. Not to forget another important person of this trip, Rakesh Ji, our driver. He did seem to be in a good mood and was all boiled up. I choose to sympathize with him. It was quite a long journey.

To Rakesh Ji,

I will never come here again, only I can drive and resist this, and nobody else can.

The secret waterfall

There was an uneven trail of bushes all over. We had actually planned and carved out our own route. Some were too high, some were average, and some were low. Some were on the left and some on the right, and somewhere deep inside the forest. The entire view was worth watching. I really got exhilarated by the beauty of these secret waterfalls. It was calm and full of nature. It felt as if I was out of the screen and came into a land of paradise.

It was a long trail we all had to cover. We walked through the narrow alleys covered by roughly constructed houses, lumps of cow shit and dense pine forest. After a long trek, we could view the spectacular view from our own eyes. I was blabbering over the whole route, but I did make my way. Finally, I was tickled pink by seeing the beautiful waterfall in front of me. It is heaven when you see the water flowing down from the top of the mountain underneath the rocks, followed by touching your feet. Thereafter, I started to walk downhills, and everyone else followed by. It was fun.

Calming Down The Tums

Through the entire journey, our food clock was shifted a little bit. There were days when we ate such a heavy breakfast or some days were very light. Our mornings generally started with homemade Parathas with shudh ghee and pickle. Others also opted for eggs (the fitness freaks). My entire diet went for a toss. But it is ok as I know I will compensate these days. I tasted every slice and did not want to miss anything, expect non-veg, of course! Lol, I must be the first Punjabi girl who denies to non-veg.

Shagun - The Solo Traveller

Our outing time generally lasted between 11 am to 5 Pm. The best part I like about the trip is that we all got enough time to connect. Well, in my case, I am an explorer and seek meaning in things. I am versatile and always look for new experiences. I am bold but within limits. I mean, I wish to try everything, but I like to play it safe. Well, planning a trip with your friends can be intimidating. At least for me, it is! A plan takes months to form, and at the last moment, there is one person in the group who cancels the plan.

This is an ideal scenario many can relate to. I want it simple and easy without much hassle. So, I always prefer to travel with these travel groups. It would help if you tried it out, and I am telling you it is amazing. Well, mostly I travel with strangers. I have a high spirit and void within me to see the unknown, be part of the distant land and taste different flavours.

For me, I do it in one go as I am daring. If I have to speak about you guys, I can understand there is a little hitch or itchiness within with the fear of the unknown. Even I do face this lingering thought at times, but I pass through it. I definitely was relying upon my music playlist and my favourite book. Trying out new things will make you more confident and more self-aware.

People In The Pack

We were a group of 11 girls. Some were from Chennai and Hyderabad, and some from Mumbai. Delhi- Gurgaon. It is an evergreen lot that is seen everywhere. One girl was a CA, a mental automotive and a quintessential; the other woman was a Vice President HR. She truly incorporated the HR role in her by taking care of all. There was someone who was a makeup artist, and she was mellow in tone. A girl from Mumbai was a qualitative analyst, an efficient data cruncher, and the other side of her was skittish. All the girls were beautiful and were shining with their own light.

We all travelers were coming up together and sharing stories in the round the table under the stars. We all came together residing at the same place but with different agendas. That is how our evening went, and I closed the day a bit early by biding 'Good Night' to all. I am an early bird, so, I snoozed early at night and woke up early in the morning. My phone vibrated, and here came the message. You are late, and I want the work to be done fast. I set my alarm for the next day and slept immediately. My roommate told me I was snoring for a while. Oh, God! I don't know that. It's okay... oops!

Mom and Son In The Trip

Not to forget, I would like to share with you all the beautiful bond of mother and son coupled together: Shalini Ji and the smartest champ Aditya. Aditya is 12, and he was very spotty in the whole trip. I was so happy to see them both together. Sometimes being a friend sharing their secrets, yet sometimes the strict mom saying no.

Aditya definitely reflected about the gentlemanly spirit in him passed down through the DNA. The two of them remained glued to each other and totally by their side during the entire trip.

Day 3 - Our visit to Jalori pass trek

2 Jan 2021

This was officially our second last day in Himachal. I was looking forward to seeing what next is upcoming? I again pinged Anuj and asked what plan we have for today. Well, this day was very cold and freezing. I announced to myself, “ I am on a winter trip, woof!” Well, I am not a winter-person. I am born in august, and my favourite season is also summer. While I was looking around, there were patches of little snowy flakes and icy roads. It looked like an alive landscape painted with a heavy brush and with strokes of bright white. It all seemed picture-perfect, a real retreat, epic and big grandeur I am getting to see through my eyes. This taught me that how a small part holds so much value and can look so magnificent.

Jalori Pass is located in Himachal Pradesh, Karsog valley. It is 10,382 feet above sea level. This place is known to receive around 20 feet of snow in the winter season. This is a popular spot away from the cacophony of busy cities. It is a great place for all trekking enthusiasts and nature lovers. The roads are steep, and the drive needs to be made carefully. We all were travelling on a bus, and the bus was able to ply to these roads. (So grateful to Rakesh Ji for being with us till the end). He had a black look on his face at that time. I was amazed to see the impressive wilderness and savour nature’s jewels.

The White Blanket

We finally reached. I was all set, and I had put my ice shoes on. There was a huge mountain pass visible from far away, and it was all covered in snow. The overall route was bumpy, slippery, and very sloppy. Well, for me it was not a good experience. I was known to be the girl who slipped and fell many times. There was a time I could also not standstill. I was holding the hands of so many people. At that moment, Bhagwan Ji, the resident and adventure guide, emerged for my rescue. I am so pleased and relieved as he was there with me. I won't be able to trek without his support. Lots of love and blessing to Bhagwan Ji. Indeed, this man was like an angel sent by God itself. The white snow looks very glittering from far away and looks like fresh ice on the cake but walking on snow is not at all a cakewalk.

My Slip Fall

I was wearing a long coat, pink and black in colour, which my dad bought for my mom. I stole it, and it is mine now. I was also wearing my white cap and had 3-4 layers of dressing on top of me. I did seem like a snow bunny, perfectly matching up with the whitish tone of snow. Gradually, I learned the technique of walking in the snow. While climbing up, put your foot pressed and place it well and then only move the other foot. While climbing down, put the entire weight on your foot and let it slide down slowly.

Finally, I had set my mind and was fascinated by hiking on the snow-capped mountains. I told the 24 years myself to go and hit the ice. While walking, I could capture the scene from different angles like a flipping book. As we walked further, it was getting more majestic and resplendent. Thereby, Anuj exclaimed, stretch yourself a little more, and the view is worthy of a watch. We took some rest in between and filled our tummies with humble padhai maggie. In the way, we clicked, fell, and danced in the snowstorm. After many snow flights and nose burns, we finally made our way. The view was indeed jaw-dropping. Finally, the gang of troopers were leaving. We left behind the cold winds and finished our submit trek. At last, when I came down, I had a rush of dopamine, and I exclaimed: "I made it. Well done, Shagun; I am proud of you."

Neophilia- After failing and falling I made it

#My Adventure Sport!

On my way back to the resort, I connected with Bhavna; she was silent and the cutest one in the group. It was nice interacting with her. I could resonate with her as a wallflower and a little shy. I connected with her instantly just after one casual conversation on the bus.

Juvenile Girls Bunch Up!

Finally, we reached our resort, got freshened up, did some stuff, relaxed, and breathed a little. Again as Anuj, the master of the group, had planned, we all assembled at the same place we meet every evening. It was cold, and we all were freezing after the trek. So we made ourselves comfortable and bumped into the room itself.

Well, I am not a party person. When I feel I have made a victory, I party or I sneak into the house of my 7 yrs lasting friend Laxmi, and I party. I played the game of truth and dare many times. However, this was my first time playing the game of Jenga. There were building blocks, and each person had to stack them as per the turn comes. It can be a clean slate or maybe a surprise for you. It was fun. Well, for me, it was a significant breakthrough. Each time a pulled out the block, there was a dare to perform. The environment was getting rip-roaring and saucy. One by one, all of us had to spill one's guts. One of them was a canoodle behind the tree. Shhhhhhhh!

When you suddenly move to your Childhood Games!

I slid the first block and read "Kiss the noses of 3 people". Well, I paused for a moment, and then I pecked on the noses of 3 girls. The second block read having a neat shot. I asked Anuj again, is it acceptable. Wait, I did rely upon him so much that I didn't drink much. I told him to keep a watch on my glasses. I did not want to mess up. Finally, I had the sour mash in one go. Yesssssssss! The third block read to give a hickey. Damn! What is this happening? Why am I getting all kinds of off-putting dares?

Well, it is the rule of the game; you can't say no. So, I did this also. My sweet roommate saved me, and I gave her erythema on her hand. Well, this has not ended. The people around were blasting with Shagun let the blocks break. I kept still for 15 minutes and finally pulled out the block. Any guesses? I thought it would be blank. No, unlike what I wanted, something else came out. It read, "kiss the lips of anyone in the group". This was tough. Finally, a girl volunteered herself. I raised my face forward and kissed her, and had goosebumps. I even had to lend the highest note in my purse to Anuj as it was the part of the game.

In the midst, Anuj exclaimed promptly, "every night I could hear the voices of two wild cats from the room next to me". Obviously, he aimed at me and Miss Praveen and this was gross! I immediately announced the game is over; this is the last round. I could not bear it any longer. I am ravenous! Get up now, please!

I was a little cranky at that time. The food stall was displayed. It was a mix of both non-veg and veg. I had the evergreen sag and roti. It tasted marvellous. Well, I was a bit lazy, and I was well-fitted in my athleisure wear itself. The scene felt like loud laughter, great food, and the people, of course. Thereafter, I was clueless as to what is next? Shall I sleep? That's it, the trip is over. I quietly sneaked in the room of Bhavna. She was alone. She was a little low and unwell so I accompanied her. Even Anuj came to check-in how she is.

I had a small word with her, and I invited her to my room. More than me, my roommate Praveen Ji was the star and the life of the party. We all 3 gathered and bumped into the room. The best part was that Bhavna also cheered up a little. I was happy to see her. After some time, even Anuj returned to his room as we all had to board early tomorrow morning. As always, I said Bonnie Nui (Good Night in French) to him.

Shagun to Anuj: I also said now from 2, we are a threesome. All the best, Anuj, have a good sleep.

Anuj: Have fun, but do get up on time.

Shagun: Okay!

Party Isn't Over Yet

Afterwards, the real party began. Bhavna is a straightforward and sober girl as I could read her. Bhavna: open the can, I wanted to drink. I opened the bottle of my red wine, which I carried from home. It's okay, we are here for some time. I will get more wine at my home. We had initiated our music and dance program, and we had set the room in the form of a retro disco living room. All folks twirled our hair, shaped up a little, and we're all set for the holiday gala. We even paired up together and performed a host show of ballroom together on the song "Tu tu hai Wahi".

A Slurp of Cabernet Sauvignon

All 3 of us got charged up and were completely wild. Folks and I were actually in our wee hours. It was a nice and flowy vibe all around the room. All we knew was that we had quirky night time entertainment. All 3 of us became so close, and we chose to booze and groove. After we watched our videos, I must say that dancing lies in stark contrast. We all did a silent gang hug and then went off to sleep. We announced au revoir to Bhavna and drooped her to her room, and then we slept peacefully.

Day 4: Our last day at the Beloved Himachal

It was early morning, and we all rose and shined hearing the ear-splitting music. We all had to board the bus on our way back home, so Anuj had lined up things accordingly. Afterwards, I saw the glimmering face of my roommate. She examined:

Roommate: This seems like a big boss show.

Roommate: And Shagun, do you know who is the winner of the show?

She announced and declared her name.

Roommate: It is me, "The Desi Noblewoman".

Lessons Learned From This Trip.

While I stood early morning and gazed at the breathtaking beautiful terrain, it was a moment of stillness. This reminded me to pause, mute and be in silence for a moment.

  1. The Himalayas also taught me the meaning of simplicity. Please keep it simple and easy—no need to complicate your life. The idea of being alone is mostly seen as archaic, though the Himalayas taught me the importance of being with myself and prioritizing myself.

  2. The Himalayas taught me to flow with the moment.

  3. The Himalayas taught me the power to wipe and erase and paint again.

  4. The Himalayas allow a place to nourish ourselves and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

  5. The Himalayas are an array of purity and calmness. The Himalayas taught me to stay connected with nature and be grounded.

  6. The Himalayas taught me that breath is my anchor and my source of survival. It taught me to breathe and rest and slow down.

  7. The Himalayas taught me about the balance of good and bad. There will be moments which I will cherish and be cheery pied. Alas, a little sad to tuff moments will also be there. Also, remember to pause and breathe.

  8. The entire journey of Himalayas also taught me that while coming to the place I am creating new memories and while going back, I am leaving the past behind and I am ready to walk to the new roads.

  9. The Himalayas also taught me that god resides around us and is watching us. Praveen Ji, my roommate, had an encounter with one of the temples. This defines the energies of the place as very pure.

  10. The Himalayas also taught acceptance of the human cycle and that one day we have to go. Humans are mortal.

Culture and diversity of Himachal

The sound and bliss of festivals and people dressed up in different colors reflect the diverse culture of Himachal Pradesh. The common language which my ear could hit were Hindi, Punjabi and Pahari. The inhabitants consisted of majorly Hindus and some Buddhists. Most of the food and fodder is extracted from the direct source of agriculture. Many small and local households are seen rearing animals like goats, sheep, and other cattle forms.

There were other adorning parts of the town ranging from a basket of handicrafts. A weather eye is needed to capture all the details. A pashmina shawl is one of the famous textiles which I saw few women were draped with. There are other historic and earthen wood and rocks and paintings seen in the place.

From a far-sighted view. I could hear the voice of dance and music being played in one of the houses situated in the middle of the mountains. Folk-dance is a common theme seen in Himachal. Last but not the least, the cuisines of Himachal are organic, pure and fresh. One can soak deep into the realm of the valley. We were generally served with pulses, vegetables, chapati and chutney. Non-vegetarians too relished their part of share. In the end, for the sweetness, the dessert, also known as Kheer or Fania, also kissed down our lips.

Non-stop Reciting the Himalayan Tales

Life in general in Himachal is low paced, unlike the daily rush of the metropolitan city. People here are kind, head-strong and physically strong too. I remember I could not hold my bag, yet the cottage cook intrigued me while she lifted all the baggage with one hand. Well, secretly, I even told her to try and lift me, and she did it.

Also, there are tough topological conditions seen in these areas; hence, people need to walk longer to meet their daily needs. However, the area is developing and getting better each year. While in cities, there is a system of closed doors. The Himalayas are contrasted by being a united village. The neighbors' live together and share their good and bad and live life. If you visit any house, the people will welcome you with warm honor and respect. I am in life with the culture and weather of Himachal Pradesh. Also, the entire land is full of bearing trees, shrubs and flowers. I also got some roses plucked from the garden by telling me to Bhagwan Ji and took it home. I would recommend to please purchase and try out the Himachal ghee.

The concluding Episode

Lastly, I want to thank all of you so much for being there with me till the end and reading my entire story. This trip will remain preserved in my heart as a memory of all the good, bad and ugly parts. This trip helped me shed some of my inhibitions, revealed some new layers, and formed the new structure of the foundation.

The moral of the story: "Simran is not running to Raj, rather she is running to ride alone".

AUTHOR BIO : I am Shagun. You can also call me Shags. I am an avid reader and writer. Tune in and connect with me. I share travel stories for all solo female travelers. If you are looking for a next spicy seasoned travel story, you have come to the right place!

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