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Money Heist Bollywood Remake

Updated: May 22, 2020

Sounds crazy right? But but but it is happening, apparently a renowned Bollywood celebrity has bought the rights to remake the Spanish heist crime drama television series La casa de pepel popularly known as Money Heist in India. Yes folks Money Heist is being remade in India and most probably will be launched in a similar web series format.

Are you also wondering which actors will fit in the iconic characters of The professor, Berlin , Tokyo...the list goes on! We have compiled a list of some actors who can do true justice to the characters because of their versatile acting skills. So here we go:-

Arturo Roman

Let's start with probably the most hated character of the epic money heist series.

Who can play Arturo? We think Pankaj Tripathi makes the best Arturo, his acting skills are second to none.


Who would play Moscow if money heist was made in India? It is probably the easiest of the lot. Take a guess, we think Rishi Kapoor will fit just right in the role of Moscow. What do you think?

Moscow - Rishi Kapoor


Love her or hate her but you simply can't ignore the hot headed Tokyo. So we thought it should be played by the far the most unpredictable actress in Bollywood; none other than Kangana Ranaut!

Tokyo - Kangana Ranaut

We know you want to know who will play The Professor, but hey you gotta wait for it!


Whom do you think will fit well in the character of Rio? He is vulnerable, has a tender heart & still somewhat immature of the lot. We think Arjun Mathur (Made in Heaven fame) can pull off a Rio very well, as he comes with some great acting prowess.

Rio - Arjun Mathur


Next up is Berlin, "obnoxious", "a snob, a gone case and a bit sadistic" that's how we know Berlin. Who can be as cold blooded as Berlin while still being proud and so particular about integrity? Did somebody say Jim Sarbh? Did we mention Berlin is our favorite character

Berlin - Jim Sarbh


Who can play Racquel? The troubled yet efficient & cunning cop? Are you thinking of Kareena Kapoor, we did too but then she lost to Sonakshi Sinha purely because of her uncanny resemblance along with her similar personality. We are surely not fans of Sonakshi but well she fits the role pretty fine.


Took us a lot of time to figure out our Denver, has to be naive but aggressive. We really think Denver has some real versatility to his character in Money Heist so we settled for the Gully boy actor Siddhant Chaturvedi.

Denver - Siddhant Chaturvedi

Mónica Gaztambide

How about Taapsee Pannu for playing Mónica Gaztambide?

Mónica Gaztambide - Taapsee Pannu


We can't think of anybody but Ahana Kumra to play Nairobi in the Bollywood remake of Money Heist, why? Go watch Lipstick under my Burkha & Rangbaaz!

Nairobi - Ahana Kumra

And we finally come to the mastermind of the whole thing, none other than The Professor himself!

Take a guess? We thought about many names Ayushman Khurana maybe would be apt to play The professor in the Bollywood remake of the money heist but no! Something is missing, he is a fine actor but probably lacks that intense eyes which only King Khan can play to perfection. But Shahrukh Khan has done some forgettable movies lately, if he can recreate magic of Chak De India & Dear Zindagi, maybe. But for now Ayushmann Khurrana would be an ideal choice to play professor.

The Professor - Ayushmann Khurrana

Let us know in comments what do you think about each one of the characters, suggest someone better than what we have compiled!

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