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Is it safe to travel to India alone?

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

The public opinion regarding girls traveling alone and female travel groups has changed. Public transport is getting safer, not to mention hassle free, the tourism sector is realizing the importance of female travelers - Yes ladies, India has become safer for girls travelling alone.

The first question that every woman travelling solo in India would encounter would be "Is India safe for female travelers?" and if he or she replies "yes" then the question would be the very topic of this blog. And, I am here to answer that very question for you all.

India has become quite notorious when it comes to women's safety, thanks to the never-ending crimes against women, which, unfortunately are increasing at an astonishing rate. Every female traveller would think twice before stepping in India, they still do.

But what if I tell you that my answer to the second question is a big yes? Yes, it is. India is becoming increasingly safe for women. Almost 41% of Indian women travel solo and this number has risen with a whopping 75% growth. The rise in the number of women professionals and their income level across India - are the two main driving factors for this trend.

Stakeholders are realizing the role of ladies only travel in the tourism industry and are accordingly going an extra mile to fulfill their needs. Companies have started selling women-only trips, specialized tour packages for women travel groups and have even started hiring more female team captains and tour guides. Some have even started travel groups for women.

Now, the main question is, how is India becoming safe for female travelers?

Transport has played an important role in making India safe for female travelers. Metro connectivity in l-tier cities and advent of cab services has made it possible to travel safely at night. Initiatives by government like introducing One Card for DTC and Delhi Metro have made travelling in public transport hassle free. Schemes like UDAN are bringing II and III tier cities on the airplane map. Mega-schemes like Bharatmala and Sagarmala are leaving no stone un-turned in making sure that all the states are on the railroad map by the end of five years. Campaigns like Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan and Paryatan Parv, apart from Incredible India and Atithi Devo Bhava have also changed the public perception towards female travelers as apart from highlighting their core agenda, these campaigns do shed some light on women safety. Hospitality sector, understanding the needs of a solo female traveler, is going the extra mile to make sure that the needs and the demands of its female clients are fulfilled.

Many international women-only travel groups have started targeting India as a relatively safe destination for solo female travelers. Not only that, many domestic women-only travel companies are seeing an increase in their bookings. Travel companies are seeing a 10% year-on-year growth in solo-bookings, of which 22% were solo-female travelers. To make sure that women's travel needs are being fulfilled, many companies have started specialized adventure packages for females.

So yes, India is becoming safe for female travelers and every Indian is giving his or her best to make this happen.

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