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How You Can Have the Best Trip with the “New Normal”?

Stepping outside the house is going to be weird and difficult during the unlock period set by the government in different places. For this to not overwhelm you, know about the “New Normal” adjustment you should learn and make.

These features making every travel plan successful and easier under the “New Normal” are:

Learn to maintain social distance, even when your city or state is allowed for various travel plans

We all know that COVID-19 has not been easy on any of us. But we are all struggling to make it work without any vaccination controlling this pandemic. Thus, social distancing is one of the first weapons we can use against this disease that spreads like a forest fire.

So, whenever the state or the city you live in opens up for travel, you have to be strict and disciplined in maintaining the social distance from other travellers in your vicinity. There should be at least one to five feet of distance between each traveller while commuting.

Even those in charge of commuting people from one place to another, like the air hostess, conductors, any civil officer, etc., would be held responsible for checking that each compartment maintains social distance.

If you are not aware of social distance importance, know that COVID-19 spreads like anything because of human contact. That is why we need to avoid as much human contact as possible while travelling after the unlock takes place.

Don't forget to wear gloves and a mask whenever you are outside

This is another feature of our “New Normal”. You cannot forget to wear a mask and gloves when you are out. These two are quite essential for anyone planning to step outside the house for the entire day or even longer hours, depending upon the current travel need.

These gloves and masks help you filter out the air you breathe, and the things you touch. Thus, your skin will not be touching any germ or virus directly.

Therefore, chances of catching Coronavirus or any other similar disease for that matter will reduce drastically when you are outside.

Other than that, even if your body has germs right now due to multiple reasons, then they wouldn’t be transmitted to anyone else because they will be wearing masks and gloves too. That is why masks and gloves are essential to break the chain of COVID-19 spreading in your area, state, or country.

Keep a handful bottle of Sanitizers

To keep yourself safe from germs attacking your skin and immune system, you must have a bunch of Sanitizers in your purse or bag.

This helps clean your hands whenever you are outside, travelling to different places, touching multiple things, eating a lot of stuff, and forgetting to wear gloves often.

Thus, the Sanitizers are the best alternative to the gloves. Also, if you are travelling with kids or senior citizens, ensure that they wash their hands properly after eating or drinking anything from outside.

That is because children and elders are most prone to such widespread diseases like COVID-19. That is why their safety is more important. So, make the best use of Sanitizers available.

Avoid going to the most crowded or popular places

One of the "New Normal" features is to start your travel plans from the less crowded areas. If you are planning any trips right now, then find those places which are often less crowded.

This way, you don't have to hassle for maintaining the social distance. To do so, you must avoid going to famous places like shopping malls, theatres, or any historical sites in general.

Thus, you have to keep your travel needs basic and not really mainstream. Do not go to famous hill stations, trek places, or other tourist places in your country whenever the lock-down opens.

Doing so, you will be automatically avoiding those places which often attract the crowd. That is necessary because once there is a crowd, it becomes challenging to manage everyone and conduct social distancing when 1000+ people are standing or moving around at the targeted place.

Therefore, be responsible and make plans only to those places which are less famous, less crowded, and visited less often.

Get benefited from the low and shoulder seasons

If you are too eager to start travelling, especially if your career is in travelling, or in a similar situation, make use of the shoulder and low travel seasons. Study the countries or states you want to travel to.

Read when that particular country or state has a shoulder or low travel season. And make travel plans during the low season, especially as of now. This way, you will meet fewer crowds or travellers on your way.

Talk to your travel agent and then book your plans accordingly

When you cannot find anything particular in mind, travel agents can help you immensely. They know when is the right time to visit a specific state or country. They are familiar with the lockdown and unlock laws prevailing in that destination you want to visit.

Apart from that, they know how much flexibility is allowed in that location. They will find you perfect packages as per your budget, including the accommodation with every basic need and the comfort of staying with your family in case the lockdown extends or the rules change while you are travelling to another destination.

Go to those places where you already know someone

This feature works like a safety measure. If you already know someone in the new destination you are visiting in the coming days, it will be less troublesome. That is because even if the lockdown extends or there are new rules on each person in the country, you can stay at your friend’s or relative’s house without fearing about your return.

This way, you will not be overwhelmed while visiting a new place. But you have to inform your friends or family living in that location in advance. This way, they will be prepared to have you in if the situations turn worse anytime soon.

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