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How will Corona Virus impact your travel plans?

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Travelling is on the verge to change for an elongated period across the world because of the shocking effects of Corona-virus. But it wouldn’t stop any of us to adjust to this new normal. Thus, for the new upcoming travelling season, we should be prepared about the safe travel plans apropos the preventive measures against this pandemic.

These changes in the travel sector and plans to make for future trips because of the Corona virus are:

Learning and maintaining social distance whenever we step out

This is a strong measure with which we learn to begin the travelling plans. Social distancing is highly important for every individual whenever stepping out of the house. Be it for shorter distances, or the longer ones, there must be utter safety measures taken by every traveller.

The social distancing basically starts from having at least one to five feet of distance between another individual whenever you are coming into contact with anyone. This is obvious for those who are planning their trips ahead. Some of them might be necessary, while others can be for leisure.

In the end, travelling will resume, but social distancing would be the key to initiate it in the first place.

We would have to be responsible while travelling

We have seen how Corona virus has appalled everyone across nations. Many of us are going through one or the other trauma because of this pandemic. Some of us are already very scared to step out. Others are working on the front line to protect the civilians from committing any mistake that can cause this virus to spread even more.

Thus, we must be highly responsible whenever we are travelling from one location to another. It majorly signifies that we should be aware of things going around us. For example, the way people behave around us, or the way everyone is taking corrective measures or not.

If you ever find anyone stepping over the specific rules set by the state or the national government, warn or report them when they fail to obey such rules for the safety of the general public around them.

Only make travel plans when they are utterly necessary

At this moment, or at least till the next 6-8 months, we must only travel when it’s highly necessary to do. You should know that, around the world, doctors and other medical fraternity are doing their best to develop a vaccine or an antidote for Corona virus.

Even if this antidote is live in the coming months, it would take another year or so to verify its result at par. Thus, it’s our utter responsibility and not to be careful while making travelling plans in hassle.

Whenever you think you need to travel to another city or state, list the priorities and the reasons you need to do so. If the reasons are not that important, or the tasks can be delayed or done over a server, you must avoid travelling at any cost. It will be for everyone's safety you come in contact with during this trip.

We have to grow the habit of sanitizing hands and keeping spare masks in the bag or purse

Whenever there is a plan to step out, the mask should be on. It’s a compulsory rule for an unidentified period. You cannot forget your mask home and make an excuse out of it. This can be seriously fatal for those you meet without even sanitizing yourself.

That leads us to the point that we have to grow the habit of sanitizing or disinfecting our hands.

Corona virus is infamous because it spreads around because of the germs in the air and human contact. That's why it's one of the prominent ways to keep ourselves safe outside.

To have safe travel memories and experiences, you must never take wearing a mask or cleaning your hands lightly. More than that, you must keep at least one or more masks in your bag or purse as a safety measure. You wouldn't know when someone else needs it. It can also be helpful to you if you end up losing the mask you are regularly using.

Clarify with the hotels about the degree of sanitation they follow

Do not just blindly book your stay at any hotel or guest house. Confirm about the standard procedures under the complete sanitation they follow. There should be no breach when they welcome the guests and then help them settle down in the assigned rooms.

So, in the future, stay at places where you can get to a pharmacist, hospital, clinic, grocery shop, and the similar facilities nearby. Thus, whenever you feel out of breath, have high fever, cold, or constant running nose, immediately visit the infirmary nearby.

The hotel staff should always be prepared for these situations as well. Confirm such features by calling them before making the final purchase.

Feel free to reach out to us for any further clarifications or doubts regarding any urgent travel requirements. However the whole team Wander Womaniya urges you to avoid any travel which is not necessary, utilize this time with your family. Watch movies together, play games, have healthy discussions, motivate each other to work out, cook new innovative dishes together & you can also spend time by reading our blogs :)

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