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Most of us hadn't ever come across terms like "Quarantine" , "Social Distancing" , "Covid-19" , "Corona Virus" and "Lockdown" but well they are the most searched terms on Google for some time now. By the looks of it it will take time before things are actually back to normal unless the Indian government's long shot with Covaxin goes well. So here we are stuck at home, some already laid off from jobs, some surviving on a fraction of their salaries, some with no zero revenues while we keep reading about new political debates. Isnt it all gloomy and sad? Be it the China expansion spree or the latest development in Istanbul, Turkey about Hagia Sofia being reinstated as a mosque. All this and more prompted me to give "Breathe into the shadows" released yesterday by Amazon Prime India starring Amit Sadh & Abhishek Bachchan a miss in favor off Tan Lines!

I decided to watch Tan Lines instead of many other critically acclaimed shows across various OTT platforms and trust me it was worth it! I am going to review Tan Lines which you can watch for free on YouTube or even Sony Liv app (Sony Liv has come up with some amazing content & shows lately). I will try to not give any spoilers so that you enjoy watching every bit of it but pardon me if I goof up anywhere :p.

So it all starts in Goa, where two different bunch of friends have come for a trip which possibly could be the last time they are all together. Sounds relatable? Boring? Ghisa Pita? Dil Chahta hai vibes anyone? It is all of it but you connect with them. This web series was aired long before India got obsessed with Sacred Games on Netflix. There are no big actors even acting is mediocre at best but the story line, the emotions, the characters remind you of what being with friends fee like.

I think we all agree that Goa is not a random vacation destination, we all have something really strong which connects us to the Goan vibes. For some reason Goa beaches despite not being the cleanest in India are still the most memorable. Only a bike trip to Ladakh matches a Goan vacation vibe. Anybody can turn philosophical watching the sunrise from Baga beach after dancing your night away at Titos lane. I realized I didn't want to watch a web series but gather up my friends and just fuck off to Goa to do some epic shit. If you feel the same then watch Tan Lines! You will be able to connect with each character at some point or the other. They are all flawed , vulnerable, have desires, made mistakes, regret a lot of decisions and actions.

Watching Tan lines is the safest way to travel to Goa with your gang of friends in this age of new normal until this damned Chinese virus leaves us at peace. Its a very short series with 10+ episodes which span from 6 minutes to 15 minutes each. Despite being such a short series you root for all characters, you hate Sheetal until the very end for what she does with Raghav (Abhishek Krishnan) but you also sometimes feel she was right. Similarly the confrontation between Dan & Disha is amazing & heart warming to watch. It also manages to deal with a lot of stereotypes & dark secrets which I would rather not reveal. Go watch Tan Lines, its simply perfect to relive the best moments spent with your friends, I got nostalgic and started checking tickets for GOA :P.

Do let us know your Goa memories in comments!!

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Tans will fade but memories will last forever!
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