Female Sexuality, desires & fantasies

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Among several taboos like homosexuality, menstruation, mental health disorders, and atheism , the most significant and non-vocalized issue i.e. “ Female Sexuality and desired fantasies”.

Since the beginning of human sexual culture (4 million years ago) , it has been observed that sexual intercourse is the only thing wherein our culture appreciates equal participation of women. The first evidence of attitudes towards sex comes from the ancient texts of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, These most ancient texts-the Vedas ,support the view that sex was considered a mutual duty between a married couple, wherein husband and wife pleasured each other equally and it was also seen as a moral duty of each partner.

But then with changing times , patriarchy and misogyny were injected here , making it worse, gender differences were inflicted in this domain as well, thereby creating a polarization in gender identities as men started talking about their sexual fantasies and were considered to add up to their machismo however a woman involved in the similar act was believed to dig a hole in her character voluntarily and was questioned about her values & upbringing.

How bizarre it is to understand this concept wherein sex is considered a moral duty and women are expected to sexually please their partners but on the counter-hand we refrain them from talking about it?

This is one of those delicate areas wherein we women become indifferent to budding roots of gender inequality and cultivate it by handing over power of decision making to others, be it about our choices in bed or about the things we desire or the things we want to talk about.

I really want you to question yourself that why is it stigmatized if a girl is vocal about her sexual preferences when it is universally agreed that sex is a natural phenomenon.

But to my utmost pleasure ,I am glad to observe that we “the millennials” are not sticking themselves in this conventional set up. We are coming up with revolutionary and fresh ideas to challenge and shatter these stereotypes.

Few days back, a bunch of six young women from Mithibai College, (Mumbai) were in the news for launching a campaign called “Oh My Hrithik / OMH” which is about breaking stereotypes, fighting patriarchy and initiating a talk on why women must open up about masturbation and their sexual fantasies.

Surprisingly they named it as OMH (oh my Hrithik), in the name of Hrithik Roshan because he is undeniably the most desired man (feel free to agree to disagree). It attracted more spectators when Radhika Apte (critically acclaimed Bollywood & Netflix actress) who came across this page and decided to lend her support by sharing a video that talks about her first fantasy and how we should be able to talk about our fantasies openly.

Radhika Apte lent her support to Oh My Hrithik

If we really want to bring about a change in how we want to see things ten years later, this should not end here as a social media campaign. It should reach beyond the walls of social media. We have to be the cultivators of change and support it by adding our bits to it.

I would urge every woman who reads it, to add some value to this revolution. You just have to start talking about it openly! I am expecting you to empathize with the cause and to at least share it among your friends & everybody around you.

GIRLS its time to add more power to ourselves, go follow OMH on Instagram!

OMH team

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Thank you so much Ms. Saumya Sharma for always being my savior and for editing this blog too.

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