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Classic 5 Mom-Duties That I Want to Be Free from Often!

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Mother's day is celebrated every year on 10th May but being a mother myself makes me wonder if one day is enough? We are more often than not expected to be always forgiving and understanding which can be a little overwhelming at times. So here are 5 things which every mother hates but never says out of love & affection & well as a part of her duty.

Being a mom is a hectic everyday schedule. That’s majorly because of some of the duties that are just too hard to handle at times. Thus, in this blog, I write about these five mom-duties I wish I could replace as frequently as possible:

1) Trying to make the baby sleep at the odd hours

This is the most irritating task that I have to do most of the time. My husband cannot contribute much into this as he has office meetings to attend to early in the morning. Therefore, I am stuck doing it mostly. It disrupts my sleep a lot, and it makes my edgy the entire day ahead.

I somehow want to change this routine. I wish, maybe, when we both have time, then we can hire a nanny or someone with similar duties. But when the baby is small, basically, an infant, it becomes impossible for mothers to depend on anyone else.

When the baby doesn’t turn at least 3-5 years old, mothers often have to sacrifice their sleep. I have experienced the same for months. That has been a torturing period for me as a human being, a woman, and a mother.

This period tested your patience as a mother. Then, you have to keep cool so that you do not end up fighting with your husband over the mom-duties. Overall, this is a duty that I wish I could replace more than others listed in this blog.

2) Having being peed on by the baby and then changing their clothes before mine

When you think your baby won’t crib now, the next moment, he or she will end up peeing on you. This is the most difficult task to handle in winters, especially. And you cannot even change your clothes before your baby’s clothes are taken care of.

Eventually, this can be quite an embarrassing situation when we plan to call guests home. After the baby's birth, I was unable to move out of the house. Then when we hosted parties at home for other parents and couple friends in our neighborhood, I have seen how my baby has peed on my dress at the oddest hours.

Then, changing baby’s clothes in between the party where we might have invited teenagers, elders, and other family members as well, can be utterly an awkward moment. This is a situation that I had to go through initially when I became a mother for the first time.

Before being a mother, I used to take care of my appearance a lot. But when the baby came along, I knew she could pee on me any time of the day and in front of anyone.

At these times, I felt the strong urge to hire a nanny or call out my husband to take care of him on my behalf. He did replace those duties for me sometimes around the year, but most of the time, I was facing the wrath of an innocent baby, whom we couldn’t even say anything in the first place.

3) Keeping an eye on the baby when he or she is playing on the floor

I have to take care of many things at home, so I keep my baby on a mat nearby. He ends up playing with multiple items on the floor; most of them are his toys only.

But it gives me a mini heart attack to think that any object might harm him even a little. Thus, I have to keep a sharp eye on my baby even when I am cutting vegetables or cooking food.

Over time, my household chores used to get delayed. I was more worried about my kid and her safety. This happens with most of the mothers working at or from home. After a while, it can even develop as an OCD for many Indian mothers.

Thus, I feel there must be someone to look after my baby, so I can live at least a few minutes of my life alone. Or at least, I, as a mother, can then complete the pending household work.

More than that, sometimes, my kid ended up falling in one place or another. Then others try to blame it on me. But I am also a human. And I have to look after everything while my husband is earning the bread and butter for the family outside.

4) To keep a watch over my toddler when I am in the market

When a baby starts to walk, she never stops. I find the task of controlling my baby hard when I am walking down the lane in the market for regular grocery shopping.

Some days, I end up meeting my girlfriends down the road, and I want to chat with them for a while. But this does not feel possible when my baby is running here and there. This happens more when there is too much crowd in the market, and then the baby becomes curious to look at every other shop.

This becomes a headache when I am unable to complete grocery shopping on the day I am supposed to. Then, either I have to rush back home or stop the kid from running here and there by buying her a gift or something that will keep her entertained.

5) Taking care of my eating habits so I can feed my infant better

Breastfeeding can be a nuisance at times. We, moms, who are food lovers, and love to eat anything, have to take care of things that we eat or drink. That is because currently, we are feeding our babies with breast milk, which should be full of nutrition.

I know that we mothers love our babies a lot. Thought, this sacrifice sometimes gets to our nerves. We cannot eat our favorite food items for a while; this can lead to a year or more, depending upon the breastfeeding.

Some babies love their mother’s milk for six months, while some like it even after turning 3-5 years old. Thus, we have to ensure that we do not end up eating anything that can harm the baby in any way when we are currently breastfeeding them. In brief, we have to wait for the time when the baby stops herself from drinking mother’s milk or becomes habitual of drinking milk from the bottle, which isn’t an easy task.

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