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20 destinations make Maharashtra perfect for a Ladies only Trip

Maharashtra is place with great history, rich culture and astonishing architecture along with high educational and financial cities. It is home to one of the most popular city across the world in India is Mumbai formerly known as Bombay. People with big dreams land here and fell in love with the city in few moments. The city that never sleeps has its own charm and it can either make you or break you but you’ll still love it. Maharashtra is also home to the western ghats. (Western Ghats or Sahyadri Range are a mountain range which are spread across multiple states including Karnataka, Tamil Nadu ,Maharashtra, Goa, Kerala & Gujarat.)

Women today are studying, working or short doing everything and need a break every now & then. Consider these destinations within your state when you need a break from your daily busy life. Just grab a vada pav and cutting chai in your hand because you need to brainstorm to plan your next ladies only trip with Wander Womaniya!

1) Ajanta and Ellora Caves:

These caves are the star tourist attraction of Maharashtra. When archaeological beauty and history tempts you, then these caves are the perfect to spend a long weekend, it is around 345 Km or a nine hour drive from Mumbai. Ajanta Caves dates back to second century BC and sixth century AD and Ellora Caves dates to period between sixth and Eleventh century AD. Ajanta and Ellora Caves are one of finest rock out ancient caves and is UNESO World Heritage Site.

Many tourists and archaeologists are attracted to this astonishing site because of the sculptures, paintings, and frescoes. Ajanta Caves are 29 in number where as Ellora Caves are 34 in number. These caves are found near Aurangabad Region and can easily plan a trip to this wonderful heritage.

2) Aurangabad

The tourism capital of Maharashtra and fourth most popular city in Maharashtra is a dream city of Mugal Emperor Aurangzeb. The city is prominently popular for Ajanta and Ellora caves but it has to offer much more. Aurangabad is also famous for Bibi Ka Maqbara, which strikingly resembles Taj Mahal, this monument was made in the memory of Emperor Aurangzeb’s Chief Wife Dilras Banu Begum.

Another reason city is know is for Panchakki (water mill), this monument displays scientific thought process in medieval times. It takes seven to eight hours from Mumbai to reach here by road. The city of Gates is delight to eyes and doesn’t fail to astound you with its historic presence.

3) Bhandardara

A fascinating village situated in the Sahyadri Ranges of Maharashtra. This hill station is only 117 km from Mumbai. Surrounded my high mountain peaks, waterfalls and luscious greenery is an awesome place to spend a relaxing weekend.

The adventurous trekking trails with serenity of nature and dotted with forts are best experience you can ask for. Trek to Ratangard Fort and Harishchandragad Fort are very popular among-st the tourists. Wilson Dam and Arthur Lake are other very popular tourist’s attractions of Bhandardara.

4) GanpatipuIe

A small town in Ratnagiri district nested in Konkan region with astonishing beaches with sprinkle of greenery is ideal weekend getaway destination. Ganpatipule is popular for 400 years old Ganesha Temple amidst white beaches.

The idol Lord Ganesha is said to be a self-created monolith, and was discovered 1600 years ago. This is a perfect destination for beach lovers, pilgrims and peace seekers. The distance from Mumbai is 342 km and bus fare is about ₹600/- and it takes eight hours to reach here by road.

5) Igatpuri

An alluring hill station situated between lush greenery and Western Ghats is located in the district of Nashik. It is one of the most famous destinations for people in Mumbai and Pune because of the majestic mountain range, waterfalls, pleasant weather and quaint old fort.

It is just 130 km away from Mumbai and is best for a girls trip, nature lovers and trekkers. Ratangad Fort and Tringalwadi Fort are popular among-st tourist. Along with amazing trekking experience, it also offers rock climbing and get yourself a rejuvenating experience of meditation at Vipassana International Academy.

6) Lavasa

India’s first planned hill city is located near Pune is based on Italian town Portofino. Spread across 25000 acres and seven hills is perfect blend of architecture and beauty.

The place is 200 km from Mumbai and 65 km from Pune, nested in mesmerizing Mose Valley. The front lake view of the city gives it different charm and leisure location far from hustle of urban cities. The astounding views and water sports give an edge to this paradise.

7) Lonavala

The serine beauty is most visited weekend destination of Maharashtra and for most of the Mumbaikars. It is a popular destination for camping, trekking, and adventure sports with blend of lakes, hills and lots of waterfalls. Lonavala is one of the twin hill stations, Lonavala and Khandala, and is elevated 624 m above sea level.

The tourist attractions are Bushi Dam, Karla Caves, Bhaja Caves, Ryewood Lake, and Rajmachi Fort among others. It is also famous for production chikki which a sweet delicacy made with jaggery and nuts, if at Lonavala do try it. It is only two hours journey and is totally worth it.

8) Kolad

Kolad is known for white water rafting and cascading waterfalls, alluring green meadows. It is thriving little village in Raigad district, which is epitome of natural beauty in monsoons. The river Kundalika is the major attraction for the tourists for white water rafting, also there are couple of forts and waterfalls. The distance via road is about 109 km from Mumbai.

9) Mahabaleshwar

Situated in the Satara district is a hill station located in Western Ghats. Home to delicious strawberries is known for its massive green beauty, cascades, numerous rivers and majestic peaks. Krishna River originates from here, thus it is a sacred pilgrimage for Hindus. It is 285 km away from Mumbai and comprises of three villages.

The place is more visited in order to visit magnificent Pratapgad Fort which is one hour away from Mahabaleshwar. On your way do not forget to enjoy the picturesque view of Lingamala Falls on the Mahabaleshwar-Pune road.

10) Matheran

This tiny hill station is situated amidst Sahyadri range in Western Ghats and is just 100 km away from Mumbai. Matheran is elevated 2600 m from sea level and is most popular small hill station. Known for its serenity and vistas, and it name literally means “overhead forest.”

Matheran is one of the old school type town which is vehicle free zone and you can lush green automobile – free pathways. It has 36 mesmerizing viewpoints, sweeping views of mountains and peaceful treks.

P.S. Do not miss the train ride to Matheran

11) Mumbai

Formerly known as Bombay, it is capital of Maharashtra state, southwestern India. It is the commercial city where people with dreams come to fulfill them. Mumbai has the largest slum in the country and people from all the cultures resides in Mumbai. Mumbai is fondly called the city that never sleeps. Juhu beach, Marine Drive & Chowpatty are some of the famous places within the city.

The Sidhivinayak temple of Lord Ganesha is the most famous temple here. Other than that Elephanta Caves, Gateway of India, Taj Palace Hotel are very popular among-st the tourists & locals alike. The Indian Cinema known as Bollywood began its journey here and is home for many great actors. Everyday many people step in Mumbai to become an actor making it one of the most populous city. For street shopping Colaba Bazar is very significant destination for visitors. Mumbai is also popular for mouthwatering street food like vada pav, poha, pav bhaji etc.

12) Nanded

Rich with history and heritage, Nanded is the spiritual city of Maharashtra. The tenth Guru of Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh chose this land for his last congregation by the bank of River Godavari, thus this city is dotted with Gurudawaras. This place is also known for its Vedic Rituals, and also popular for Sufi Shrines at the bank of river.

Urvashi Ghat, Govardhan Ghat, Ram Ghat are some for the famous Ghats here. Another reason for tourist attraction is 50 ft. tall statue of Kshetrapala. It is 570 km away from Mumbai and takes about 12 hours to travel here by road, usually Train is suggested option for travelling.

13) Nashik

One of the ancient city of India is Nashik also spelled as Nasik is one of the popular pilgrim destination. It is said that during his exile Lord Rama, his wife Sita and is brother Lakshman lived here near the River Godavari. There are various temples in Panchavati, at the quarter half on left side of the bank and many ghats on the other side.

Sula Vineyards are also situated in Nashik!

There are cave temples dating back to first century CE, believed to be built by Pandu (Buddist) and Chamar (Jain). Holiest temples are said to be Gora Ram and Kala Ram. It is only 4 hours journey from Mumbai to Nashik and is a right to place to get spiritually enlighten and relax.

Do you know that the Kumbh Mela happens in Nashik every 12 years?

14) Panchgani

Panchgani is the beautiful hill station in Maharashtra, astonishing you with its impeccable beauty. It is very famous for amazing sunsets and picturesque backdrop of hills. Kaas Plateau, one of the UNESCO World Heritage site is serves you a wonderful blend of flora and fauna.

Paragliding in Panchgani is perfect for adventure seekers and Kate’s Point is perfect sport for peace seekers as it provides visitors with mesmerizing sunset and Sunrise views. Table plateau is another very popular attraction. Five hours drive from Mumbai is totally worth it and also Mahabaleshwar is few km away and one can plan a perfect weekend.

15) Pune

Hub for students, this place carries its own charm for tourism. Rich with culture, heritage, great museums and finger licking food, Pune has got everything under one roof. With medieval history of King Shivaji to knowledge about Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violent struggle for country’s freedom, it has it all.

There are many forts, monuments, museums and educational institution for you to visit. Pune is 1600 years old city and Pataleshwar Caves for fifth century are the evidence of its history. Three hours’ drive from Mumbai and is only 148 km away.

16) Rajmachi

The village in Maharashtra is known for Rajmachi Fort, one of the many historicl forts found in Sahyadri Mountains. It has two fortified peaks i.e. Shrivardhan and Manaranjan Forts. This place is best spot for trekkers and adventure seekers.

Rajmachi provides very scenic beauty and very peaceful environment and is only 312 km away from Mumbai and hardly takes six hours to reach here.

17) Ratnagiri

It is a birthplace of great freedom fighter Lokmanya Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak. Under Bijapur rulers, it became administrative city. Bijapur Dynasty built a fort which was strengthened by Maratha King Shivaji is located at the headland of the harbor. This place is paradise for history lovers.

Jaigad Fort, Tilak Ali Museum, Thiba Palace, Ratnadurga Fort are the few places one must visit. For one who enjoys beaches, this place has many beautiful beaches like Kunkeshwar beach, Bhatye beach, and Guhagar beach etc. Ratnagiri is 326 km from Mumbai via road and is one of the great places to visit when in Maharashtra.

18) Shani Shignapur

It is village situated in the Nevasa Taluka in Ahmednagar district. This place is famous for Hindu God Shani, associated with planet Saturn. Earlier the village was known for no doors, only door frames because they believe that god here is so powerful that Shani Dev will punish who’ll attempt theft. It is visited by many pilgrims across the country and is only 293 km away from Mumbai.

Shani Shignapur is one of the temples where women devotees were not allowed to visit, however it was allowed in April 2016 thanks to many women activist organisations and growing sense of reasoning. We still can't believe why would females be banned to enter any religious instituition. Wander Womaniya hopes we see more of such cases where women triumph over bizarre traditional beliefs.

19) Shirdi

It is a small town in Maharashtra and home great saint Sai Baba and is five hours journey from Mumbai. Shirdi is famous for Sai Baba temple and other historical sites. The aura of the town is filled with spirituality and air filled with chants. The pilgrimage of devotees of Sai Baba is perfect place to calm your thoughts with wonderful aura. Samadhi Mandir, Gurusthan, Dwarkamai, and Lendi Baug are some of the other places to visit.

20) Tadoba National Park

It is one of the largest Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra and is located in Chandrapur District. If you adore wildlife then this place is appropriate destination for you. The park is adorned with magical rugged landscape cliffs, thickets of bamboo and teak, lakes and Marshlands, a perfect place to live for wildlife animals.

Not only tigers but you will find hyenas, panthers, wild dogs, bison, sloth bears, barking deer, and sambar etc. This place is filled with amazing flora and fauna, giving you a sense of calm and excitement. It is quite far from Mumbai, almost 862 km but is totally worth a trip and for memorable experience.


Incredible India is truly much more than Taj Mahal, and we shall be focusing on more states & cities in India which might not be as mesmerizing or famous like the Wonder in marble but are surely worth a visit. Some tough decisions to make in order to make lists for your tour or are you as confused as I am to pick a place to visit. Don’t think and pack your bags and pick a place that attracts you the most because it’s time to forget all the worries and start backpacking and enjoy your travel. When you want to travel just GO SOLO

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