• Joyeeta Mazumdar

The Top Measures That Most Of The Airlines Are Following For Safe Travels

If you're planning to go on any trip anywhere due to work or personal reasons in India and beyond, there are travel measures you can note. By these travel measures, passengers can get complete assurance to remain free and protected from any Corona virus exposure.

These measures are as follows:

Health screening to be done for every passenger and employee

The best action to take up by many airlines like IndiGo is to conduct a health screening, including the thermal screening of every passenger, including the stewards, pilots, and cabin crew. Then, it also includes random COVID-19 tests to be performed on the suspicious passengers at any given point of time before, during, and after the trip.

This is strict that the crew and the passengers have to follow. This ensures that every other passenger would remain safe if, by chance, anyone’s temperature reading is not normal.

Facility to send the passenger to the institutional quarantine centres

Many airlines follow this measure to ensure that no passenger is in danger from the other person travelling through the same flight.

By this, we mean that there are on-the-spot or ready made provisions for those people who are tested positive for COVID-19 after the random screening or the thermal test have been made together.

With these ready made measures at different airports across India, the passengers will be less in chaos. They would then easily trust the authorities to safeguard every other person’s health as soon as possible.

The obligation to download the Aarogya Setu app

This app is mandatory for every passenger, including the cabin crew and the pilot, to download. It helps to know if there is any COVID-19 active patient nearby or not. Thus, this app can help everyone on the journey to know if they should remain at a safer distance from someone in particular or not.

Apart from that, this app can also help in maintaining the social distance from people in general whenever the cabin crew or the passengers are on the flight or preparing to land or take off.

There is a COVID-19 test run on the airports before the passengers can board the plane

Many airports and airlines, including IndiGo, are promoting the safeguard measures by making it mandatory for every passenger, pilot, and cabin crew to go through the COVID-19 test even before they walk towards the plane.

This will give better assurance of the COVID-19 patient’s proximity before, during, or after the trip ends. With the help of this, if anyone is found to have a high fever, or COVID-19 to be positive, then that person will be sent to the quarantine center immediately.

Then, that person would not be allowed to board the plan with others. This is the first measure that any airport authorities take to safeguard the journey ahead for every passenger and the crew involved.

Many states require the ICMR certificate

There are several provisions related to individual states, like Goa, where the passengers are not allowed to land until and unless they have the ICMR certificate that is not older than 48 hours. This certificate would state that the person who is travelling is not a COVID-19 patient.

We came across this informational video on YouTube by "Things2do", we think this videos covers all important aspects with regards to air travel while the world continues to fight the Wuhan Virus or Chinese Virus.

Further to above we would like to share some good news that Dubai & Maldives have noticed a significant drop in number of cases. United Arab Emirates especially boasts of impeccable health services which has allowed them to life the travel ban, As a result both Dubai & Maldives are opening international borders for tourists in the month of July 2020. Should you require any assistance to book a trip to either of United Arab Emirates or Dubai Team Wander Womaniya would be more than happy to assist. You can contact us on +91 9971820462 or drop an email to wanderwomaniya@outlook.com

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