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M. Nethra is the youngest change maker in Madura, TN, India Today!

She is just a regular aspiring civil servant in Madurai, TN, and a salon owner’s daughter. But the way she thought of bringing the change in the lives of those poor people around her, entirely changed the way she would be leading her life now.

She happily requested and influenced her father to spend the Rs. 5 Lakh on the comfort of the immigrant laborers during the lock down period, which has rendered them homeless. This was the hard-earned money, C Mohan, her father was saving for her future and higher studies.

But readily sacrificed is for the people who needed assistance immediately in Madurai. Because of such a magnanimous effort put forward by a 13-year old girl, the same got international recognition by UNADAP.

They coined her with the “Goodwill Ambassador for the Poor,” seeing her vision to change the lives around her when she could have used all the money by herself. She is just a 13-year old average student, and no one would have expected such a grandeur charitable task.

Even her father, C Mohan, is so proud to have her as the daughter. After that, she has even received nationwide recognition at Prime Minister Narender Modi’s regular radio show, “Maan Ki Baat,” which is listened to by millions of radio lovers across the nation.

Now, M. Nethra will be able to speak her mind to the world leaders and philanthropists when she will be invited to the Civil Society forums held in New York and Geneva in the coming years.

Through this, she will be able to influence everyone across the world to take a better look at labourer’s lives and do everything in their will and power to improve those lives. Her vision already compels every world leader, activist, and influencer to take as many initiatives as they can in their life without worrying about their age or income.

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