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"Lapland" Chasing the northern lights- Winning entry (My dream destination )

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

There's a place where I wish to go,

Where mysteries abound and excitement grows.

A place no less than a dreamland,

It’s untouched beauty..It’s Lapland.

A portrait of marbled snow, as far as eye can sweep

With a blue crust of ice unbounded glazed piercing down deep…

Where the solar winds collide with earth's gases,

Start to glow, creating streamers in their masses

A magnificent array of colors.

Reds, greens, violets, blues,

A mystical curtain of bright celestial hues.

Where Divine Northern Lights ,

Are constantly in motion.

A beautiful blaze of aurora displays,

Around Heaven's swirling ocean.

Trailing bands of luminous fluidity,

Spellbinding, magical sights.

Before I leave, I wish to witness the wonderful

Northern Lights

*Congratulations to Ms. Anmol Sethi for winning the competition by describing her dream destination*

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