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How to pack like a pro: A minimalistic approach.

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Planning a vacation is exciting. Specially when it doesn't get cancelled mid way😉. After that hurdle is crossed, the next most daunting task is packing for a vacation. If you are one of those hoarders who end up packing everything in anticipation of needing it. Calm down, take a long breath and read through to find some helpful tips that would make this task at hand a little less daunting.

Make a list!

I know, this might be the most basic rule for almost everything. But it works. Invest some time in thinking about what you would need before you actually pack. Make a list of your essentials and ditch anything that you 'think' you might need.

Luggage matters!

After you have sorted down your list, pick the luggage that you would carry. Make sure it has a lot of pockets for keeping small items and a lock so you could ensure the safety of your belongings. Try to keep your luggage to a minimum number of items. If you could pull off a one bag wonder, way to go! Otherwise you could take an additional smaller bag. Do not exceed this limit.

Dress to impress!

Clothes are the most essential part of packing.You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Carry a minimum of two versatile bottoms that could go with different tops. Pack more tops, depending on the number of days you are on vacation. This way you can achieve different looks with few items. If you are into Indo-fusion, you could carry a kurti that could double up as a dress. Choose fabrics that doesn't crease easily. This would save you from the hassle ironing everything. Instead of folding, roll your clothes tightly to save space. If you plan a longer vacation, do laundry instead of carrying more clothes.

Shoes are your best friend!

When on a vacation, shoes are quite literally your best friend! A good pair of shoes is a MUST. Because while on the road, you end up walking a lot more than usual. And wearing comfortable shoes would ensure you keep away from blisters and sore feet. Also, make sure instead of carrying too many shoes you carry one or two versatile pair that goes with all your dresses.

Basics are not so basic!

Invest in a good toiletries bag. It would ensure everything you need is in one place. Try to swap bulky bottles of lotions, shampoo, etc. with compact ones. You can even opt for pouches, if available. This would save valuable space. Anything with a tendency to leak should be wrapped with plastic bag/zip lock bag beforehand so that other items are safe from its wrath.

Turn the glam on!

If you are carrying makeup, stick with bare essentials. Leave the baking for home! While travelling, putting on too much make up is not a good idea as the heat and sweat would melt everything and you would end up with clogged pores. Instead carry a good bb cream with a concealer if you must, for base. Choose 1-2 different shades of lipstick that suits you. Later, you could mix these to get a variety of colours. Carry an eye-pencil that could double up as a liner. Carry a few pieces of versatile accessories like earrings, bracelets, watch, etc. Add more stuff if you need, or ditch stuff because your happy face is far more beautiful than layers and layers of makeup.

If you think there is anything missing feel free to let us know in the comments and help make this blog better ...happy holidaying :)

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