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How Pandemic Has Hit Different Corners Of The Nation?

We never saw the pandemic coming in full force to India and abroad. We thought it was just another world crisis that would pass until it had not reached India. Now that it did, it shook us all. There are some instances that you can see how pandemic has drastically changed the way we operate.

These situations we found ourselves in during pandemic in the nation are:

Strict lock-down rules and regulations

After the government’s order, the Indian public has seen how the pandemic did not spare every street, road, city, and town. We had to remain indoors even if we had other chores outside the house.

It became the point of life and death. Our safety was and has been connected to everyone around us. This is the first time in the last 100 years or so that humans have stood together worldwide to survive.

Many of us were without jobs, food, shelter, and money

Even when this pandemic situation forced the government to pull through the rule to necessary lock-down the entire nation, we saw how many Indian citizens belonging to the poor section of the society were rendered jobless, cashless, without food, and without places to stay.

Some families were separated, and there were others who lost their loved ones to Corona-virus despite the lock-down applied in the entire nation.


In the end, after tears of sorrow and shame, we only hope to god that he allows our beloved cities and towns to flourish again like before. We know that it will be a lot of time for businesses, economies, and people to overcome their fear of social distancing and pandemic.

But with time, we have to get out of it, and for this, we all have to stand together, fully aware of the current situation and take corrective as well as preventive measures ahead after the unlock starts with full force.

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