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Do you still seek a Reason to love yourself?

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Imagine we rewind the tape of your life. Your diplomas are pulled off and returned, Soon, you become smaller. Your adult teeth gone, your baby teeth return, and your traits start to slip away. We keep rewinding until you are the diploid cell that will become "you".

The question, of course, is what happens when we press “play” again. Are your talents, traits, and insecurities so deeply embedded in your genes that they’re basically inevitable? Or could things go rather differently. In other words, how much of your fate do you allot to your genes, versus your surroundings, versus chance?

The complexity of the question is directly proportional to the simplicity of the answer, all those achievements were yours, as they had your flavor, they marked your IDENTITY.

It's not easy being an adolescent, and I realized it as soon as I became one, people of my age tend to lose their unique spirit & potential self, which made them their own superhero while growing up.

They compare themselves to everything they aren’t ! Their flaws drive them crazy and they are in constant conflict with themselves, blaming themselves as the cause of every other problem, landing into depression.

Those sleepless nights, agony, trauma is non descriptive, going through all those years of churning where it was, moreover is a struggle to know who am I, what I am for on this earth? I have molded myself , embracing the learning given by the dents of life. The answers are still ambiguous but I have learnt to adapt through the course of life.

Many incidents followed ,some broke me up , some built me. Rather I would say that everything that I had experienced contributed to build me as a person I am today, therefore I am thankful for all those dark memories, I would have been incomplete without them.

It was always there with me but never appeared on the surface... did it take me too long to realize that I was losing myself? Everything was fine but not OK and it took a lot of time for me to realize where did I go wrong and I was not happy.

I wouldn't claim myself blameworthy, as everything followed in the state of unconsciousness & neglect. When wisdom reigned, there weren't any conflicts in believing and becoming, in the midst of all I found myself standing strong, embracing my scars and challenging life to throw more perils.

Learning by experiencing, I have now fixed this statement in my entity that in the school called life, I was born with an individuality which marks the difference and I can't do injustice to myself by putting it in vain. Also how we view ourselves influences our perceptions of others and by extension, our interactions with them.

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Hence if you want to be a magnet of love and happiness all you need to do is love yourself.

Rudy Francisco has beautifully presented it by stating:

"Love yourself so fiercely that when others see it,they know how exactly it should be done."

Through this blog I wish to extend a hand of love and support to all those going through this phase , I am no philosopher or some “life coach” as they call it nowadays, I am still figuring out who I am , meanwhile expressing the things I feel or observe.

A sincere thanks to Kriti Gupta( for editing this piece and making it more meaningful.

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