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Depression - a mental condition that can change your life.

Depression is a serious and common medical illness that affects at least 7 out of 10 people. When a person is depressed, you will see drastic changes in the way they feel, act or think. If you seek help at the right time, you can quickly get out of depression. However, long-term depression can be fatal and can also lead to the death of a person.

Depression - the leading cause of deaths across the world

The latest WHO statistics show that close to 264 million people across the globe suffer from depression. The statistics further record that around 800,000 deaths because of depression. In fact, Depression is also termed as a silent killer.

The symptoms of Depression

Depression symptoms tend to vary depending on the stage of depression the person is. He/She can experience symptoms like

· Mood swings or feeling low all the time

· Losses interest and activities that he/she likes

· Increased fatigue and tiredness

· Feeling guilty or worthless

· Difficulty in making decisions, concentration or thinking

· Getting suicidal or suicidal thoughts

Depression - it can also be genetic

Did you know that depression is also linked to a person genetically? Yes, that is correct; in some cases, People can also develop depression from their parents or siblings. This is primarily in the case when there is a manic or severely depressed person in the house. In some families, this is in-fact heredity due to the genes in the body. In such cases, the therapist will prescribe medicines only after a proper analysis of the family's medical history.

Depression is linked to other ailments and disorders

People who suffer from depression are also prone to various other ailments and medical disorders. This includes

· Chronic body pain and tense muscles

· Sudden weight gain due to emotional eating

· Extreme weight loss due to lack of interest in eating

· Heart problems and conditions

· Insomnia.

How to overcome body shaming with mindfulness

In today's world, people are obsessed with looks that they do not see the potential of a person. Body shaming has become one of the biggest concerns in today's society. It is not only adults, but even children are body shamed. If you log on to any social media platform or WhatsApp, you will find different kinds of posts and updates that are linked with body-shaming.

The different ways people are body shamed

Body shaming is not just restricted to what people think. Some people are very hard on themselves and even criticize their looks. Phrases like - you are so fat and ugly; I have a big nose, look at the dress she is wearing are used most of the time.

Overcome body-shaming with mindfulness

It is never too late to overcome body shaming. All you have to do is work towards changing you’re the way you think and boosting your confidence.

· The best way to overcome body shaming is first to accept yourself in your mind.

· Learn to accept the way you look instead of trying to be someone else.

· Meditate for at least 15 mins a day to help you focus and concentrate

· Channelize your energy towards improving your life instead of focusing on unnecessary things.

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