• Joyeeta Mazumdar

COVID-19 vaccines to hit the market shortly as human trials start

The on-going Covid-19 pandemic has taken a significant toll on Governments across the world. Scientists and doctors are working hard to find a permanent cure for the disease. Every day, the number of infected and death tolls are rising. Well, it seems like things may take a turn for the best. In the recent change of events, there is a possibility of a vaccine that may help Covid-19 patients.

Vaccines for Covid-19 patients in India

The Indian Government has been working hard to find a vaccine that may help cure Covid-19. Well, it seems like finally, things may have a ray of hope. The latest news claims that India may have a cure.

If everything goes as per plan, the country's citizens may have access to the vaccine without paying for it.

Recently Lancet had claimed that they had started human trials for Covid-19 patients. Oxford University has been working on a serum that may help patients. If things go as per plan, then half of the vaccines that are manufactured by the company will come to India. Moreover, the patients would not have to pay for the vaccines, as there will be various immunization programs.

The Serum Institute of India is doing its part

Known to be one of the most prominent vaccine manufacturers globally; The Serum Institute of India has already started working on human trials. So far, they have seen positive and favorable results. The manufacturing company has partnered with Oxford University to find out how to resolve the present issue.

Adar Poonawalla, in his recent interview, stated that the company has plans to distribute the vaccine worldwide. It is planning to hand over half the vaccine manufactured to other countries every month on a pro-rata basis. Moreover, it is also looking for all the necessary support the company needs from the Government. Keeping in mind that people have the right to be protected, the entire world must be immunized equally.

The ray of hope may be near

As per Poonawalla, if things go as per plan, this new vaccine could be a game-changer. He predicts that if the results and trials are positive, then the first set of vaccines will be out this year. He also states that around 300-400 million doses will be available for mass usage by the end of the first quarter of 2021. Well, it looks like things may fall into place with a new vaccine hitting the markets.

But until then Maintain Social Distancing & Stay Home as much as possible

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