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10 best Indian web series to binge watch (Spoiler alert)

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Binge watching is the new "it" thing, be it adults or adolescents we are all hooked to Netflix & chill, (Amazon) Prime & chill followed by TVF, Hot star; the list keeps growing and for good!

Movies to documentaries to comedy , thriller , crime these are content rich stuff to watch out for, companies are spending millions of dollars to create amazing content solely for on demand video portals. Here we suggest some of the best shows to look out for if your web series game isn't that strong yet. It will help you to be part of those puns and jokes which you were probably unable to understand or the pseudo intellectual gossips :P

10) Delhi Crime (Nirbhaya case diaries)

Where to watch: Netflix

What makes this Web-series a must watch? Depicts what exactly happened in the aftermath of one of the most heinous and inhuman acts in the history of India. The nation worth 150 crores people was on its feet with tears in their eyes. You know the story but you don't know what went behind the news reports

Don't watch if: If you believe Indian tradition and values are godsend and you can't stand the grey side of our society. Rapes are happening everyday and every city, the first step towards stopping them is to talk about it and identify the reasons why it happens.

9) Apharan

Where to watch: AltBalaji

What makes this Web-series a must watch? Out an out masala story with many unexpected twists and Gangs of wasseypur like cursing and unmatched UP touch. It is humorous, interesting and witty at the same time, P.S. The dialogues are good and uncensored. Arunoday Singh gives his best.

Don't watch if: If you cant handle curse and so called foul language or you don't like Uttar Pradesh backdrop (Do you know UP is the most notorious state of India? It reports less number of police cases than Bihar but that's not because crime is lesser than Bihar; but because corruption is altogether at a different level)

8) Bang Baaja Baarat (Not Band Baaja Baraat)

Where to watch: Youtube (Yes it is completely free to watch :P)

What makes this Web-series a must watch? We have all seen Band Baaja Baraat and loved both Bittu & Shruti, while the name draws similarities but trust us the story is amazingly fresh and funny. There will be atleast 3 - 4 times that you would end up saying WTF!! while watching this one. Ali fazal as always is perfect in getting into the skin of the character and nails it.

Don't watch if: If you are obsessed with marriages and cant digest certain things which certainly happen around you but you are naive or just plain living in denial. This is strictly a take on modern day pre marriage and post dating issues.

7) Bard of Blood (Underrated but a must watch)

Where to watch: Netflix

What makes this Web-series a must watch? The canvas is huge, the story line gripping, underrated actors who punch above their weight including Emraan Hashmi. Minimal creative or logical flaws unlike The family man where complex problems have been solved with unbelievable ease. Bard of Blood makes quite an impact with execution of how problems or challenges are dealt with.

Don't watch if: If you are expecting humor or traditional Emraan Hashmi lip-locks, Bard of Blood means serious business.

6) Baked (First comic relief in this blog)

Where to watch: Youtube/ Scoopwhoop

What makes this Web-series a must watch? If you have studied in Delhi university you will get nostalgic and laugh your heart out, if you're not it will be pleasant comic surprise for you. It is all about broke students making ends meet and their shenanigans. Must watch for the comic timing.

Don't watch if: No reasons to miss this one, you will certainly not regret it. (You can give season 2 a miss) Pranay Manchanda & Kirti (Cute :P) Vij who happen to be real life love birds have a strong chemistry and amazing sense of humor. P.S. You can bump into them in and around SDA area sipping their favorite tea at Chayos.

5) Tripling (Bhai, Behen aur road trip)

Where to watch: TVF

What makes this Web-series a must watch? What happens when a family reunites for a road trip? Are you eager to find out, so were we. Trust us and watch it, you would get the best laughs, some WTF moments and possibly some life changing "Gyaan" towards the end too! Sumeet Vyas is flawless and so are his on screen siblings.

Don't watch if: If you're too sanskari and can't digest MA-da Fa-ka song or very inappropriate "Jijaji Baanjh hai ", season 2 isnt half as good as season 1.

4) Criminal Justice

Where to Watch: Hotstar

What makes this Web-series a must watch? How much impact can circumstances have on your life, how much can you adapt to a situation, it is indeed a revelation. This story is hard hitting , intimidating and downright cruel. Vikrant Massey proves he is here to stay with a solid punch.

Don't watch if: If you can't handle blood or don't like serious / heavy stories for this will certainly not a feel good soap.

3) Pitchers (Tu beer hai)

Where to watch: TVF

What makes this Web-series a must watch? A hillarious take on the problems and challenges faced by anybody who dreams big enough to give up the luxury of a monthly salary. Back then TVF was making some amazng content, we just hope TVF is back with a bang and a season 2 of pitchers!

Don't watch if: If you have never had a any job or you have never thought about starting your own business. This one is a no-brainer and a must watch for anybody & everybody!

2) Mirzapur (Kaleen Bhaiyya bulaye hai)

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

What makes this Web-series a must watch? Kaleen Bhaiyya (Our very own Pankaj Tripathi), gripping story-line , enough of twists, strong performances from all actors. All in all one of the most gruesome and addictive web series that you might ever come across.

Don't watch if: If you are planning to watch it with your family, don't!

1) Breathe (What! no Sacred Games?)

Where to Watch: Amazon prime

What makes this Web-series a must watch? How far would you go to save the one you love? Would you be a good citizen & a father or would you rather be the best father but a criminal? The answer seems easy but isn't unless you step into R Madhawan's character's shoes.

Don't watch if: If you don't have a tender heart.

So this brings us to end of this countdown of the top 10 best web series but wait there is something missing. How can we conclude anything about India based web shows and not talk about Sacred Games? Well honestly if Sacred Games is better or not than any of the above mentioned shows that is certainly something debatable but it is undoubtedly the most watched and talked about web series in the Indian history so far. Season 2 was a bit off but we have high hopes from sacred games season 3 and cant wait to see it already.

Under honorable mentions we have The family Man, which sadly lost out to Bard of blood solely because of slightly inferior logic. For example the Plan B by terrorists was much simpler to execute which git us confused why it wasn't plan A; having said that Manoj Bajpayee gives another gem of a performance continuing his witty character from Special 26.

Did we miss out on your favorite show? If you do not agree with the rankings given by Wander Womaniya let us know in comments. Tada till then

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