Avoid hygiene related problems by using these personal care products recommended by Wander Womaniya

Our women travel groups ensure safety & security for all solo travelling females however travelling can get harsh sometimes. How many times has it happened that you have stopped at a local Dhaba or Petrol Pump and found the washroom unusable? We bet that has happened many times, hence we are coming up with a range of products which are vital for women not just during travelling but even otherwise. Stay clean stay safe and clear of health issues. #WanderWomaniya

Stand & Pee anywhere funnel for females

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pjoy device.jpg
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Sanitary Napkins

sanitary napkins.jpg

•Soft Cotton Feel

•Anti-Bacterial Strip

•Odour Free, Thus eliminates rashes or infection.


•Gel Lock

•Ultra thin and long


Saffron De-tan gel


Orange Peel Scrub

Along with hygiene of intimate areas , skincare is also one of the most important aspects while travelling for female solo travellers. 

Tanning is one of the most common problems each girl faces right after that most awaited trip and sometimes tanning effects are visible even while you're on vacation.

Contrary to the popular belief that you need anti tan cosmetics & products only when you are going to the beach is false. Anti tan solutions like gels & scrubs are a must carry for every female solo traveller. 

Beaches: This is a no brainer, you would be flaunting your crop tops & bikinis all day so you need these products to keep your skin alive.

Mountains: You are relatively closer to the sun when you are in Ladakh or Himachal or any other hill destination hence it is utmost important to have an anti tanning solution with you. 

* Shipping cost / delivery charges per order is INR 73 & online fees of 4% is added to the order.

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