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Wander Womaniya celebrates womanhood & swears by feminism. We have tweaked our modus operandi by a little bit. Interested to know what is new? On each of our trips we extend a unique power to our women, that is the power to extend an invitation to a guy (Can be friend/ father/ brother, husband...anyone!) Sounds cool right? Solo traveling girls are welcome as usual and share the room only with another female only. Stag males are strictly not allowed! We are one of the few companies who promote couple trips, because well group trips are more fun and you don't have to be involved in planning the itinerary. Simple come and enjoy your couple / solo vacation to the fullest.

We invite all mothers to bring their sons (only one male above the age of 12 per female), so you are no longer worried about their well being when you are away from home. Nor do you have to burden your family. We assure you that this trip will be much more fun minus any hassles that come along with the very idea of travelling to an unknown land.  

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