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Beta Shaadi Kab karoge?

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Kya aap ki Umar 25 saal se zyaada hai? Kya aap Apne career choice Ko leke confused hai? Agar hai to ye perfect time hai aapke relatives ke liye ki vo aapse pooche ki "beta shaadi kab karoge"? No matter how little these relatives know you or vice versa but you getting hitched is more important than Mangalyaan & Chadrayan. How often do you come across this question? Depends on your age and gender I would believe and for people like me who are considered to be on the wrong side of twenties, I hear it a lot against my liking.

Every time I am asked this question it's a dilemma. How should I respond to it? Should I go by my gut feeling and deliver a punch or just smile and avoid the question or maybe be diplomatic? I really want to ask "ki bhai problem kya hai tumhe?", but then we are human beings and are social creatures, and my parents won't be able to deal with the stress of being neglected from the so called society and community. We have to carry the burden of traditions, values and God knows what all! But why is getting married or not getting married such a big deal? Shayad Modi ji Aadhar Card cancel kar denge ya Jio ka sim sirf married logon ko hi milega, ya aapke liye Netflix will be double the cost. Matlab kya hoga if you don't get married? Or get married when you feel like?

First Scenario: Divorcee milega/milegi. I mean koi sense nai hai isme but even if someone is a divorcee so what?

Second Scenario: Hamari to 20/21/22 mein ho gayi thi - Which means if something was wrong it should be continued? Acha to tum ho to gaye 27 ke ab to age nikal rahi hai. As if there was an expiry date "Marry before 28 years from the date of manufacturing".

Third Scenario: Shadi nai karni to kya karna hai? Job karni hai, paise kamane hai apne upar kharch karne hai ghumna hai. (Honeymoon pe to jaoge aur saath mein ghoom lena) ab koi samjhaye how different it is to explore a remote place to fuel your wanderlust and Rohtang pass pe jaake titanic pose mein photo khichwana.

Also my parents certainly don't understand the logic of Wander Womaniya, according to them Indian women don't prefer or can't travel solo because India's culture doesn't allow so.

Also I really have no clue how can people undergo drastic changes overnight. Suddenly from being a cool friend, their life is all about going to a fancy place with the wife/husband and uploading pictures with extremely cheesy captions. Baaki sab to theek hai lekin why cheezy captions??????

Still think you should get married come meet Anuj on one of our group trips for a one to one dicussion :P

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