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Updated: Jan 26

Life is hard and there is nothing new about it. We all know it, we have dealt with it and will continue to. But what’s new is, we now have the living icon of “ action speaks louder than words”.

The essence of the phrase is that when Ravindra Jadeja’s competence was questioned I felt him, I felt the rage that we bear, the turmoil which we undergo to make through this mortal coil. Given the authority, I would entitle him as “Master of self-belief”, for he has inspired many by proving how wonders take place when one choose to listen to self over denunciation or failure induced pessimism.

He meticulously proved his worth in Indian Cricket team and swiped out the “verbal diarrhea” with his cricket skills. He taught us the only way to win is by winning yourself. Isn't it simple and easy to adhere? I guess not, had it been the case, the figures of students, adults and anybody human, choosing death over life struggles would be meager.

Yeah, now you got it, I am here to talk about increasing, rather accelerating epidemic of suicides in our country. Its extremely disturbing to read about it every other day, like what are we moving forward to? We live in a society where we are always being scrutinized under the spectrum of stress and pressure and moreover, we are not doing anything about it, we are not talking about it, rather we are advancing it oncoming generations, similar to what our fathers and forefathers did.

We are under pressure of scoring high,to get a job and then there is this endless list, who knows might be you are on earth because of the pressure your grandparents inflicted on your parents to have you ……( just like Ambani's dude).

What's worse is - that nothing will change until accountability is reinstated, like who is the generator and cultivator of such an environment?. The answer is opaque yet very obvious- “WE”. The accountability falls equally on the shoulders of the victim's friends, spouse, parents or teachers because little do we think about how we make people feel about themselves while we interact with them, we need to be sensitive and sensible with our verbal and nonverbal communication.

Especially when it comes to parents and teachers.Being elder or being in a noble profession doesn't make you God, you are still human and you can be wrong. I understand that your actions are for their betterment, however, it is futile if it makes the child/student depressed.

Lose the amount of control you possess over their lives, embrace them with their flaws and failures. Let them pave their own paths of happiness and content by failing rather than tracing your burdensome footsteps.

Moving on,

We often find ourselves under the circumstances when self doubt afloat while the will to make through sinks, as we become blind to the light that guides. There are times when there is nobody who believes in you, even the dearest turns their back and self-love wanes. There can be several odds and you still can’t justify giving up on yourself. Quoting Shakespeare,

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

Or to take arms against a sea of troubles

And by opposing end them. - ( Hamlet’s Soliloquy)

You have to fight for yourself to be happy, to live peacefully, dream but don't make dreams your master, hustle hard but don't let them eat you. Just wait and don't be tired of waiting, you never know what future beholds, Ernest Becker( famous psychologist & anthropologist) struggled his whole life to excel, however, his book “ Denial of Death” became successful while he was on his deathbed, his claims are influential even today.

Love yourself every day as you love your friends.

Ankit, Rajjo, IT me kaam karte karte apni life matt bhuljana. Live a little every day. Ek hi Zindagi mili hain” - Reads the suicide note of Mark Andrew (IIT Hyderabad).

If this isn't enough for motivation, I would like you to read /( listen) to this poem which will alter your thoughts.

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