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“The world was hers for the reading.”                                                           - Betty Smith

Apparently nobody working at Wander Womaniya has any connection/ relation whatsoever with Shakespeare or even Chetan Bhagat for that matter; but we promise our blogs are 100% fresh and original. We use this space to communicate, share our thoughts, opinions and express ourselves. We do hope you like the content, show your love by sharing and liking our blogs or well let us know if you don't like it too! Do you want to know our views on any particular topic, let us know. Have a great day! Go Anywhere ! Go Wander Womaniya!!

Disclaimer: All blogs can be termed as Indian travel blog by Wander Womaniya & are personal views of respective authors and our associates, we apologize if anything offends you. The only aim of our Indian travel blog posts are to promote solo female travel and trying to assist women traveling alone or in women travel groups all over India and around the world. The content is purely for entertainment purposes and do not withstand any moral/emotional responsibility. Should you find any of our blogs to be questionable or having problematic content or language; feel free to reach out to us on +91 9971820462 or drop us an email on

A must read for all the millennials unless your folks are super cool and well logical which isn't really obvious unfortunately! 

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